August Announces New Features for Its Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad

August Announces New Features for Its Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad

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August has announced new features for its Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, and Smart Keypad.

“We’ve designed our products to take advantage of technological advancements and deliver added value over time, automatically,” said Herve Letourneur, Vice President of Products for August Home, Inc. “Whether it’s a more intuitive user interface, a completely new feature or a new partner integration, we’re constantly updating our products to improve the customer experience.”

Here's a look at what's new...

August Smart Lock: Turn on Contextual Alerts for Auto-Unlock
Nearly half of all August Smart Lock customers use Auto-Unlock as the primary way they enter the home. New Auto-Unlock contextual alerts give users real-time updates such as when Auto-Unlock is triggered and actively communicating with the August Smart Lock. Contextual alerts also let users know when they leave the “neighborhood,” setting Auto-Unlock to Away Mode. Users who already use Auto-Unlock can activate the new “You left your neighborhood” alerts in the August Smart Lock Settings menu.

Smart Keypad: Set Temporary or Recurring Entry Codes
August Smart Lock owners can now choose to assign Temporary, Recurring and Always On entry-codes for increased control over access to a home or rental property, from a smartphone.

● Temporary entry code: A time-bound entry code that allows access for a specified time period and automatically expires.
● Recurring entry code: A weekly entry code that allows access for a specific time period that repeats weekly.
● Always On entry code: Works all the time until the Owner disables the entry code.

August Doorbell Cam: Get Image Preview Alerts
New image preview alerts for August Doorbell Cam let users immediately see who is at the door to quickly determine if they want to answer the door for a visitor. On iOS, simply press and hold the expandable alert on the iPhone when a visitor presses the doorbell button or when motion is detected to see a snapshot of the activity outside the door. Android users have this feature and can also choose to automatically view live video or preview a full screen image, all before deciding whether to answer the door or not.

August has also made it easier to update house name and photo in the August app. Settings are now available from a single menu.

You can purchase the August Smart Lock for $199.99, the August Doorbell Cam for $141, and the August Smart Keypad for $46.73.

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August Announces New Features for Its Smart Lock, Doorbell Cam, Smart Keypad