Tinder Gets New Look, Tap Navigation

Tinder Gets New Look, Tap Navigation

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Tinder has been updated with a new look and the ability to navigate using taps.

Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work refreshing the user experience. Today, we’re excited to start rolling out a more seamless way to navigate Tinder for our users around the world.

The new design features photos that take up more real estate, extending to the edge of your screen. You can tap on the edge of a photo to navigate to the next photo and back again. When you tap the bottom of someone’s profile card the app will smoothly transition to their complete profile view.

In building the new app, Tinder says it combined two modern architectures, DCI (by Trygve Reenskaug and Jim Coplien, also known as "Lean Architecture") and Clean Architecture (by Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin). At the heart of both DCI and Clean is an emphasis on use cases as the structural building blocks of the application. The company also moved to Apple's Swift programming language. More details at the link below...

You can download Tinder from the App Store for free.

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Tinder Gets New Look, Tap Navigation