Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 54 [Download]

Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 54 [Download]

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Apple today released Safari Technology Preview 54, an update to its browser for those wanting to try the latest web technologies.

Get a sneak peek at upcoming web technologies in macOS and iOS and experiment with these technologies in your websites and extensions.

Release 54
● Clipboard API
○ Fixed copying a list from Microsoft Word to TinyMCE when mso-list is the first property
○ Prioritized file promises over filenames during drag and drop

● Beacon API
○ Fixed Beacon redirect responses to be CORS validated

● Web API
○ Implemented createImageBitmap(Blob)

● WebRTC
○ Added a special software encoder mode when a compression session is not using a hardware encoder and VCP is not active
○ Added experimental support for MDNS ICE candidates in WebRTC data channel peer-to-peer connections

● Web Inspector
○ Fixed the errors glyph to fully change to blue when active
○ Tinted all pixels drawn by a shader program when hovering over a tree element in the Canvas Tab

You can download Safari Technology Preview 54 from the link below!


Apple Releases Safari Technology Preview 54 [Download]