2018 iPad Pro Review Roundup [Video]

2018 iPad Pro Review Roundup [Video]

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The first reviews of the new 2018 iPad Pro have hit the web ahead of the tablet's release on November 7th.

You can find a roundup of early impressions below. Click here for more details on the new 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pros!

Is the new iPad Pro a stunning engineering achievement? Without question. Has Apple once again produced mobile hardware that puts the rest of the industry to shame when it comes to performance, battery life, and design? Yep. Is the iPad Pro the best, most capable iPad ever made? It certainly is. But you know what? It’s still an iPad.

From battery life to USB-C accessory testing to doodling with the Pencil, there's still plenty more digging to do here. What I can say for now is that this new generation of the iPad Pro feels more capable than any other I've tested, and it seems to advance the idea that an iPad could, under certain circumstances, be a person's primary computing machine.

My conclusion is this: If you just need or want an iPad, get an iPad. Apple has good ones, compatible with the original Pencil, going for just a few hundred bucks now. If you need more, something that combines raw power and absolute portability better than anything else on the market, then get an iPad Pro.

If Apple is able to let go a bit and execute better on making sure the software feels as flexible and ‘advanced’ as the hardware, the iPad Pro has legs. If it isn’t able to do that, then the iPad will remain a dead end. But I have hope. In the shape of an expensive ass pencil.

Now that Apple has declared the iPad is a PC, it should take more of the guardrails off of iOS and strongly encourage developers to treat it like they do the Mac. It’s time for iOS to grow up and get a job. The iPad Pro is one of the most powerful computers you can own. It could be the best PC, too. Or better than a Mac. For now, it still has to settle for being best tablet money can buy.

The iPad's a beautifully designed thing, now -- practically perfected, from a pure hardware perspective. The whole screen ratio to body size is just right, and the thickness, and everything else. Now it needs the accessories, the keyboards and trackpads, and the inputs, and maybe a more advanced OS that shows more on screen at once. But without the apps that show off what it can do, and push it into new territories -- USB-C camera tethering, multi-display app workflows, ways to maybe eventually add a mouse or trackpad or other inputs beyond a keyboard -- it feels hindered.

curtixman - November 5, 2018 at 11:40pm
If Apple would let up on their control freak tendencies just a little an make iOS more open, customizable and development friendly, they could win the entire game hand down.