Apple Releases iOS 12.3 Beta [Download]

Apple Releases iOS 12.3 Beta [Download]

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Apple has released the first beta of iOS 12.3 to developers for testing. The build number is 16F5117h.

We still don't know what's new in iOS 12.3 but Apple may start to introduce support for its new TV app which is expected to arrive in May.

Developers can download iOS 12.3 beta from the link below.

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Apple Releases iOS 12.3 Beta [Download]

NoGoodNick - March 27, 2019 at 6:57pm
Yeah, once more, Apple is burying us in updates which don’t offer ANY new features, but only set the stage for they’re changing how everything changes down the road. If yo do upgrade now, we likely won’t be able to prevent their restricting features later. It’s there ‘death by a million tiny cuts’ strategy.