Apple Posts 'Behind the Scenes' Look at iPhone 11 Pro Photo Shoot [Video]

Apple Posts 'Behind the Scenes' Look at iPhone 11 Pro Photo Shoot [Video]

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Apple has posted a behind the scenes look at an iPhone 11 Pro photo shoot.

Photographer Justin Bettman creates elaborate and detailed scenes in unexpected locations. Check out the process behind the production as Justin creates a bigger picture using the triple-camera system of iPhone 11 Pro.

Bettman's photos were shared by Apple on Instagram.

“From Ultra Wide to Wide and Telephoto, we’re capturing multiple perspectives from a single position using the iPhone 11 Pro. Focusing on the fine detail of the space interior, we alternate cameras to pull back and reveal the full context of the street. It gives us the flexibility to create a heightened reality.”

“The dynamic range of all three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro is really impressive. From daylight to low light, you can transition through the whole spectrum using the triple-camera system.”

“The mechanism of shifting from Wide to Ultra Wide to pull back and view the picture in its entirety is actually a metaphor for storytelling.”

Click here, here, and here to check out the photos.

Watch the video below!