Carfection Shoots Bullitt Mustang Review Film Using Just the iPhone 11 Pro [Watch]

Carfection Shoots Bullitt Mustang Review Film Using Just the iPhone 11 Pro [Watch]

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Carfection has posted a video review of the Bullitt Mustang shot with just the iPhone 11 Pro.

CNET says it challenged its sister brand to produce a film that kept its usual cinematic style and high production value using just Apple's new flagship smartphone.

To find out if it can hold its own as a professional video tool, I challenged our sister brand, Carfection, to produce a video shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro. This wouldn't be some quick, rough vlog mind you -- Carfection has won numerous awards for its stunning cinematic style, incredible videography talent and high production value. I wanted to see how close the team could get to that same standard using just the iPhone.

As expected, in good conditions the iPhone performed admirably but it struggles with noise in lower light and doesn't have the depth of field you'd get with a traditional camera.

The car-to-car footage [where the Mustang is driving behind our crew car, being filmed], for example; the dynamic range is incredible, considering it's from a phone camera. But as soon as we started getting closer on some of the details, the noise in the shadows from the processing became more noticeable. You also don't get the same depth of field you'd be able to achieve with a big image sensor.

Carfection also experienced stability and usability issues with the FiLMiC app which was used for recording. More details here.

Check out the final result and a behind the scenes look at how the film was made below!