Audio Recording Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S10+, OnePlus 7 Pro, Honor 20 Pro [Video]

Audio Recording Comparison: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Galaxy S10+, OnePlus 7 Pro, Honor 20 Pro [Video]

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Check out this video from DxOMark comparing the audio recording quality of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy S10+, OnePlus 7 Pro, and Honor 20 Pro.

To illustrate the differences in audio recording between some current smartphone models, we replicated one of the most common smartphone audio use cases and sent the DXOMARK Audio team to the Sunset Jazz Club in Paris to record a concert of the Vincent Touchard Quintet. For this little experiment, we mounted four smartphones—the Honor 20 Pro, the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the OnePlus 7, and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ —on a stand and placed the rig at a distance from the musicians that would allow us to include the whole stage in the video frame.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max clip shows good overall timbre frequencies and we can hear that there is more emphasis on treble than on the other devices. On the OnePlus 7 Pro, the overall level is noticeably higher than on the other devices, but there is also an aggressive compression, and we can hear a variation in level when the drummer hits the cymbal, which somewhat distorts the original sound experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ goes the other way with a lower level versus the comparison devices, but provides an overall good tonal balance, with a great mix between bass, midrange, and treble. The Honor 20 Pro arguably delivers the worst performance in this comparison. A lack of bass means that the tonal balance leaves room for improvement, and the sound of the snare drum is not preserved well at all.

Take a look at the video below and hit the link for more details...

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