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iPhone SDK RoadMap Event

iPhone SDK RoadMap Event

Posted March 6, 2008 at 1:05pm by iClarified
We will be posting the latest news from the iPhone SDK RoadMap Event here:

Question and Answer Period Starting

11:16 PST
John Doerr, "Alan Kay said, 'The best way to predict the future is to invent it... ' today we're proud to announce the iFund, for the iPhone platform."

"New platforms are rare... we gave a lot of thought to how to start an iFund, so we decided the iFund should be $100m."

"It's about this great opportunity, but it's about more than the money -- it's about the great team at Apple and the great talent we can recruit together. ... if you want to build the future, the iFund wants to help you fund it. I can't wait to see the companies we'll build together."

11:14 PST
"We think a lot of people will want to become an iPhone developer -- go to our site, probably in about an hour, and download the SDK. You can join the developer program to test your app on the iPhone and iPod touch and distribute your app -- to join the dev program costs just $99. If you have any questions about anything give us a ping at developer.apple.com."

11:12 PST
"Everything will run on the iPod touch as well, including enterprise features. We account for the touch differently than we do for the iPhone so there will be a nominal charge for the touch."

11:10 PST
iPhone 2.0 software update

"It will again combine the SDK + the new capabilities, there will be a beta release going out today to thousands of developers. We need their fantastic feedback. We're going to ship this to every iPhone customer in June, and it's going to be a free software update."

11:08 PST
"Devs are going to ask -- this is great! But what's the DEAL? What's the business deal. We've got a great biz deal for devs: you pick the price you want to sell your app at. The dev gets 70% of the revenues right off the top, we keep 30% to pay for running the app store. No CC fees or hosting fees or marketing fees for hosting the app, devs get 70% paid monthly."

"You know what price a lot of devs pick? Free. When they want to distribute their app free, there's NO charge to distribute free apps -- we'll pay everything to get those apps out there for free. Will there be limitations? Of course. Some apps we won't distribute: porn! Malicious apps!"

11:05 PST
"Let's take a look at the App Store -- featured apps, just added, staff favorites... easy to find stuff and browse the categories. Of course, I can see what the most popular apps are that are being downloaded, I can easily search, I can tap on it... this one's free... and it's wirelessly downloaded [over the air!] to the iPhone via cellular or WiFi."

"You can sideload them into the iPhone as well from iTunes. But it goes further: if you've downloaded an app and the dev updates that app, the App Store will tell you it's been updated! If you like it, tap the update button and it'll be replaced by the updated version all over the air, automatically. It will be the EXCLUSIVE way to distribute iPhone applications."

11:04 PST
Introducing the iTunes App Store!
"It's called the App Store -- and we're putting it on every single iPhone on the next release of the software. This is how we're distributing apps to the iPhone."

11:01 PST
Sega introduces Supermonkey Ball for iPhone. It uses the accelerometer in the iPhone. "This is NOT a cellphone game. It's a console game, if anything, we underestimated what the iPhone was able to do from the start, we had to fly in another artist to scale up the art to match what the iPhone could actually output."

10:59 PST
Epocrates application for doctors is being demoed.

10:55 PST
AIM for iPhone!

"I've never developed on a Mac before, never used Objective C -- and we had a live buddy list in five days. This is a live conversation happening over the network..."

Switch between active chats by swiping left and right, status update panel, choose photo from your iPhone to be your AIM buddy pic.

10:51 PST
Salesforce.com, Chuck Dietrich, is demoing their SFA application with monthly sales stats.

10:47 PST
EA introduces a stripped down cartoonish version of Spore. There is a Spore customizer...

10:44 PST
"we called up a handful of companies and asked them to send out a couple of engineers to see what they could accomplish in two weeks with an SDK that they've never even seen before."

10:42 PST
Steven demoing a new game called "Touch Fighter". It's 3D, OpenGL you just tap anywhere to fire, and you steer with the accelerometer.

10:36 PST
Steve demoing new app called "Touch FX". He taps to choose a photo then touches the screen, which distorts the photo where his finger is touching. It's OpenGL distortion. Then he pinches the face of the guy and shakes the phone to undo it.

10:35 PST
Steve creates a “Hello World” app in Xcode, builds it with a single click and runs the program in the simulator.

10:34 PST
iPhone Simulator being demoed.

10:33 PST
"There's a brand new tool: the iPhone Simulator. It runs on a Mac and simulates the entire API stack on your computer."

10:32 PST
"The next tool I'd like to talk about is Interface-Builder -- this is the tool you'll use to... wait for it... build your application interface. We have the complete library of iPhone interface assets, just drag them onto the canvas."

10:30 PST
XCode "integrates directly with source control management system, subversion, cvs... integrates with iPhone SDK documentation, and also has a nice debugger -- it's also a great remote debugger. Plug an iPhone in, run the app live on your iPhone, and be debugging it from your Mac. This is incredibly powerful."

10:26 PST
"We have a complete set of APIs for your app to talk directly to the contacts DB on the iPhone, and an entire database API with SQLite."

"Core Location - we've taken that and patched it into an API so you can create location-aware applications. The media layer... starting with Core Audio, this is the low-level audio layer; on top of that we've built OpenAL, an industry standard."

"Video playback: seamless video playback, uses our h.264 codec, built right in." So we can add new video codecs right? RIGHT? Sigh. "Core animation... OpenGL ES, the embedded version of OpenGL and a screamer for 3D graphics on the iPhone. In fact, this entire layer is heavily hardware accelerated."

10:22 PST
We have the most advanced platform in the world in the form of OS X. It's comprised of four layers..."
"The core OS, core services, media layer, and Cocoa -- to build the iPhone OS we took the bottom three layers to form the iPhone OS. Cocoa is interesting and it's the best app framework out there, but it's based on a mouse and keyboard. So we took everything we knew.. and built Cocoa Touch."

10:20 PST
"Already the iPhone is the most popular mobile device with Bank of America -- it accounts for 20% of ALL mobile banking with them. But today what I really want to tell you about is the native iPhone SDK."

10:19 PST
"Ok, I'm here to tell you about how devs can build great apps on the iPhone. Before I get into the SDK, I want to give an update on web apps. This has been incredibly successful, there are over 1,000 web applications for the iPhone."

10:16 PST
Demo of the iPhone Data Wipe being shown

10:09 PST
Traditional exchange support is complicated. Microsoft has build an infrastructure that is better. Exchange/Activesync is going to be native to the iPhone.

10:05 PST
Push contacts, global address list, Cisco IPsec VPN, authentication and certs, enterprise class WiFi (WPA2 / 802.1x), security policies, enterprise configuration tools, and remote wipe coming to the iPhone

10:00 PST
US Mobile browser usage: 71% is Safari. Steve to provide Enterprise details.

THANKS**: While we are posting Steve's quotes, I would like to thank Engadget for posting these quotes !

iPhone SDK RoadMap Event
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wombat - March 6, 2008 at 1:12pm
YEAH: "Cisco IPsec VPN" - why is Cisco waiting for SDK? No expert out there to do it the way we know the iPhone SW? ;-))))
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