OWC Launches 'Rover Pro Wheels Kit' for the New Mac Pro [Video]

OWC Launches 'Rover Pro Wheels Kit' for the New Mac Pro [Video]

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OWC has announced a new 'Rover Pro Wheels Kit' for the new Mac Pro that offers a far cheaper alternative to Apple's $699 wheels kit.

Industrial-strength soft rubber tread wheels with 360-degree articulating rotation and low friction bearings let you move your 2019 Mac Pro silently and effortlessly on any surface. Pull it across the studio, rotate it under your desk for convenient port access… the Rover Pro lets you easily put your Mac Pro where you want it while safely preserving your floor’s finish.

“The OWC Rover Pro Wheels Kit is one of the most creative accessories we’ve been able to develop for the 2019 Mac Pro, this is fun with a purpose,” said OWC Founder and CEO Larry O’Connor. “Even going beyond the alternative wheel offerings, we are proud to have this made in the USA design to offer our customers another option, one that saves money, is designed for quick and easy installation, and complements their machine. At OWC, we’ve always been about helping our customers get the most out of whatever machine they are using, inside and out, and for us this is a logical continuation of that mandate.”

OWC Launches 'Rover Pro Wheels Kit' for the New Mac Pro [Video]

OWC's wheels can be installed without any tools. Simply place the Mac Pro's factory feet into the Rover Pro’s polished stainless-steel housings and secure with a few hand twists.

● Unique: patent-pending made in USA design
● Fast toolless install: hand tightens in under 2 minutes
● Highly positional: 360-degree articulating wheels
● Smooth and silent: non-marking soft rubber tread wheels with low friction bearings
● Elegant: highly polished stainless-steel matches the Mac Pro
● Protective: vibration absorbing silicone rubber pad preserves factory feet finish
● Secure: wheel stops prevent unintended movement
● Quality: built to be the best and backed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Rover Pro Wheels Kit will retail for $249.99 but you can pre-order them now for $199.99.

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OWC Launches 'Rover Pro Wheels Kit' for the New Mac Pro [Video]