iPad Air 4 Review Roundup [Video]

iPad Air 4 Review Roundup [Video]

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The new iPad Air 4 is now available to pre-order ahead of its release on Friday. Check out this roundup of early reviews.

You can pre-order the iPad Air 4 here starting at $599.99.

If you’re looking to get an iPad right now and can afford it, the new $599 iPad Air is the best tablet for most people. Apple has taken the design from the more expensive iPad Pro and brought it down to a more reasonable price point. It’s $100 more than it was last year, but in return this year’s iPad Air has a bigger, better screen and a faster (and very intriguing) processor.

The new iPad Air might feel like a minor update from last year’s model, but it’s improved enough that its features and specs are now mostly on par with the pricier iPad Pro. It’s not just the best iPad for most people -- it’s arguably even Apple’s best tablet for the money.

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Apple’s new iPad Air with 10.9-inch display is an entry-level iPad Pro that can replace some, but not all, of the functions of your laptop