Hyundia Could Pass Off Apple Car Production to Kia Motors [Report]

Hyundia Could Pass Off Apple Car Production to Kia Motors [Report]

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Hyundai may be planning to pass off Apple Car production to Kia Motors, according to a new report from eDaily. The company owns a 33.8% stake in Kia.

It's believed that Kia may be a better fit for working with Apple because of its plant in Georgia and its recently announced plan to produce vehicles for corporate customers.

"Kia is also developing a range of new Purpose-Built Vehicles (PBVs) for corporate customers. These specialized vehicles will be based on flexible ‘skateboard’ platforms, with modular bodies designed to meet the specific mobility needs of a broad range of corporate and fleet customers. Partnerships with the likes of Canoo and Arrival will mean Kia PBVs can offer different bodies mounted on top of an integrated modular ‘skateboard’ platform, tailored to users’ functional requirements."

According to the report, Hyundai is also concerned that it may end up as just an OEM manufacturer for Apple.

When Kia confirms business cooperation through discussions with Apple, the cooperation project will be conducted at the Georgia plant in the US. It is because we believe that doing it at a business in the United States can facilitate cooperation with Apple. Apple car production is also expected to take place at the Georgia plant. However, it is said that Hyundai Motors is not in the Apple car business because it is not suitable for the Apple car business because of its strong will to continue to grow its Hyundai brand. There are also concerns that if Apple, rather than Hyundai Motor, takes the lead in the Apple car business, Hyundai Motor may become an OEM factory for Apple cars.

Over the past few weeks numerous reports have confirmed that Apple has renewed work on an electric autonomous passenger vehicle. Reuters reported that production could start in 2024 but others have said production is half a decade away at least.

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Hyundia Could Pass Off Apple Car Production to Kia Motors [Report]