Apple VR Headset Could Launch in Q1 2022 [Report]

Apple VR Headset Could Launch in Q1 2022 [Report]

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Apple is reportedly preparing to launch its rumored VR headset in the first quarter of 2022, according to JPMorgan Chase Securities Technology Industry Analyst Yang Weilun via the China Times.

JPMorgan Chase believes that the industrial design of Apple’s headset will be close to that of other brands of VR headsets. The main specifications of Apple’s new products are equipped with six lenses and an optical radar (LiDAR) scanner device (ToF). ) To sense the user’s location and enhance the user’s experience when playing VR and AR.

Suppliers will purportedly begin readying components in the fourth quarter of 2021 with shipments set to begin in Q1 2020. Seven Taiwanese manufacturers are said to have entered the supply chain including TSMC and Largan.

In the Taiwanese supply chain, Apple’s new head-mounted device products have entered Apple’s new head-mounted device products such as TSMC, which is responsible for application processors, Largan and Jin Guoguang for camera lenses, Yujingguang and Yangmingguang for VR lenses, Pegatron for assembly, and panel stickers. Combined GIS-KY.

Weilun believes that the Apple headset will be high-end device and may cost more than other devices currently on the market. The bill of materials alone is expected to cost Apple over $500. This corroborates an earlier report from Bloomberg who predicted the headset would cost far more than rivals.

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Apple VR Headset Could Launch in Q1 2022 [Report]