Darkroom Photo & Video Editor Adds Flag and Reject Review Features

Darkroom Photo & Video Editor Adds Flag and Reject Review Features

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The Darkroom photo and video editor for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS has been updated new Flag and Reject review features.

Darkroom is a premium photo & video editor that is easy to use by casual photographers, yet powerful enough for the pros. Available as a Universal app on iPhone, iPad, and macOS Big Sur with deep integration into all of the latest features.

What's New In This Version:
● Manage your Growing Photo Library with Darkroom's new Review features
You already know that editing photos can be fun. Getting to the right photo and knowing which one to edit however, can feel like work.
Today we're taking a big step forward to making all this fun & super fast with a new workflow to cull and review your photos: Flag your highlights, and Reject the bad ones.
When you make one of those choices, we'll automatically advance you to the next photo so you can get in a ~flow state~ and zoom through your latest batch of imports in no time.

● How to use the new Review Features
On the iPhone, swipe right on the editing toolbar, and you can start flagging and rejecting. As you tap, Darkroom will automatically advance you to the next photo.

On the iPad & Mac, you'll see new icons to Flag and Reject alongside the existing Favorite and Delete options. Keyboard shortcuts will help you also quickly categorize a photo and move to the next one.

● Batch processing gets a lot of love too
Batch actions are becoming more powerful and more useful, so we
added a new gesture to let you start selecting photos much more efficiently. Now, you can just horizontally swipe on any image to start selecting.

The visual design also gets a refresh, keeping it in line with the iPad & Mac, and because we had to fit two new actions, we decided to make the Actions bar scrollable, so everything can breath a little.

● Finding your Flags and Rejects in Other Apps
When you use our Flagging and Rejecting features for the first time, Darkroom will create a new "Darkroom" Folder in your system photo library, and inside it create 3 new albums: Exported, Rejected, and Flagged.

As you perform Review actions inside Darkroom, these actions are reflected automatically in those Albums, allowing you to find recently flagged photos anywhere on your phone.
If you have iCloud Photo Library, these albums will be synced to all your devices, so Review actions are automatically synced to all your devices!

Because Rejected photos are typically your least favorite photos, we've also made it easy to quickly delete them all, either at the end of you editing session, or in the Album picker.

● Making Hyper-Fast Review Possible
You'll notice a lot of speed and responsiveness improvements in this app. This is due to a big infrastructure undertaking that dramatically reduced the amount of data downloaded, memory created, and spinners shown when you navigate through your photo library in the editing interface.

Starting with today's update, if the editing tools are not visible, we skip the heavy work of downloading and initializing the full-quality image, and instead show you a Smart Preview of the photo. This allows you to navigate through your photo library in Darkroom at the same speed as the native Photos app. In fact, the editing interface much more responsive in general.

You can download Darkroom from the App Store for free.


Darkroom Photo & Video Editor Adds Flag and Reject Review Features