Blackmagic Design Releases Davinci Resolve 17.4 With Up to 5X Performance on New M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros [Video]

Blackmagic Design Releases Davinci Resolve 17.4 With Up to 5X Performance on New M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros [Video]

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Blackmagic Design has announced the release of Davinci Resolve 17.4 which brings up to 5X the performance on Apple's new M1 Pro and M1 Max Macbook Pros. Customers can now play back, edit and grade 8K projects faster with support for up to 12 streams of 8K footage.

The update also improves the decoding of 12K Blackmagic RAW files by up to 3X, renders H.265 up to 1.5X faster, and improves Neural Engine performance for real time facial recognition, object detection, and smart reframing by up to 4X.

Additionally, Resolve 17.4 supports Apple's ProMotion 120Hz displays for smooth playback, HDR viewers, and Dropbox Replay.

Projects will flow smoothly from DaVinci Resolve Studio directly to Dropbox Replay for easy video review and approval. Frame accurate colored markers, comments and annotations made in Dropbox Replay are almost instantaneously synced to the DaVinci Resolve timeline. Plus with a simple login, customers will only have to sign in once. Other features include quick and easy render set up with dedicated Dropbox and Dropbox Replay presets as well as automatic background uploads that are monitored for status and confirmed when complete.

Blackmagic Design Releases Davinci Resolve 17.4 With Up to 5X Performance on New M1 Pro/Max MacBook Pros [Video]

Here are some of the other highlighted features...

For subtitling, DaVinci Resolve 17.4 includes automatic resizing of backgrounds and cursor placement when creating captions, as well as nested timeline subtitle tracks now auto-populating the main timeline to speed up creating captions.

There are also improvements to the edit page such as better functionality for position curves in the timeline, so customers can more easily adjust the ease in and out points. This creates a more custom transition from one point to another when applying zoom or image position adjustments. Customers will also now be able to use DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor to switch between cameras in multicam clips on the edit page making it faster to cut programs together. Additional support for asymmetrical trimming allows customers to adjust a transition’s in point without affecting its out point or vice versa, enabling them to fine tune work more quickly.

With Fusion, customers get additional support for languages with combined glyphs and those that may write right to left such as Arabic and Hebrew. Combined with improved vertical layouts, rotation and line direction when working with Text+, this will enable customers to work in a wider range of languages and layouts.

DaVinci Resolve 17.4 adds greater support for automatic color management, making it faster and simpler to set up projects. Additionally, this update adds support for ACES 1.3, including gamut compression, so customers can now more accurately display wide gamut images to be certain they are getting the best representation of the source image.

A new Resolve FX called custom mixer allows customers to combine effects and make adjustments to grades with finer control. Plus, a new 3D keyer adds the ability to make finer adjustments to the key and matte finesse settings to make it easier to create clean masks with more accurate keys and finer edges. For DaVinci Resolve Studio, there’s also a new film halation which will add the effect of a glow or light reflections around high contrast edges, giving images a more filmic look.

Fairlight audio now has support for Steinberg VST3 audio plugins, giving access to more audio effects so customers can create the perfect soundtrack. Plus, there are keyboard shortcuts or click and drag to reorder, move and duplicate effects in the Fairlight mixer, displays single sided audio transitions as fades and added support for multi channel audio outputs.

When finishing projects customers can now export projects with YouTube video chapters, improved encode settings for the YouTube render preset and the ability to use hardware accelerated H.265 on Windows.

Check out the video below for more details and hit the link for the full changelog. You can purchase Apple's new MacBooks here:
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