iPhone SE 3 About to Enter Trial Production [Report]

iPhone SE 3 About to Enter Trial Production [Report]

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The next generation iPhone SE 3 will soon enter the trial production stage ahead of its launch next year, reports MyDrivers.

The site expects the device to remain very similar to its predecessor with only minor changes.

As the third model of Apple's iPhone SE series that will be launched soon, although it was said that it might be named iPhone SE Plus not long ago, there is still no change in size and design. According to netizens from the supply chain, the mold of the new iPhone SE is ready to be mass-produced. It is basically a "moll" of the previous generation product. It only replaces the camera sensor and may add functions such as night scene mode.

Improvements to the iPhone SE are said to include an A15 processor, an improved sensor for the rear 12MP camera, an X60M 5G baseband chip, and an additional 1GB of RAM for a total of 4GB.

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iPhone SE 3 About to Enter Trial Production [Report]