Evidence of Nuance Integration Found in iOS 5

Evidence of Nuance Integration Found in iOS 5

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Chronic, with the help of Sonny Dickson, has posted screenshots showing Nuance integration in iOS 5.

Apple was widely expected to announce the integration of Nuance voice technology into iOS 5 at WWDC; however, no mention of Nuance was made during the keynote.

Multiple sources reiterated that they still believed Apple was working with Nuance and perhaps negotiations weren't complete or the feature wasn't yet ready for the iOS 5 unveiling. Supporting this was the finding of Nuance in Mac OS X Lion and the attendance of Nuance's Chief Mobile Technology Architect at the keynote.

Now Chronic and Sonny Dickson have posted definitive proof that Apple is indeed working with Nuance. A settings menu found in an internal iOS build reveals Nuance Dictation and Nuance Long Endpoi... switches for the Springboard. Another settings menu reveals Mic on space key, Auto-Record Input and other toggles.

It's unclear if any of these features will make it into iOS 5.0 by release.

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Evidence of Nuance Integration Found in iOS 5Evidence of Nuance Integration Found in iOS 5

Behiii - June 12, 2011 at 12:59pm
It is clear that this feature will revile in an apple event that present the iPhone 5 or 4S in September. (before releasing the iOS 5 to the other iOS devices).
Nir Hus - June 12, 2011 at 8:33am
Nuance is not mature enough. It handles well native English speakers, but not foreign. In addition, background noises are a significant problem. Nir Hus