Production of iWatch Components to Start Later This Month?

Production of iWatch Components to Start Later This Month?

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Production of components for the iWatch is slated to start later this month, according to Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White. He believes the device will launch as soon as September alongside the new iPhone 6.

With the theme around wearable technology at Computex this year, our research has uncovered more data points as it relates to Apple’s “iWatch.” Our meeting with a tech supply chain company highlighted that initial production of certain “iWatch” components is scheduled to begin later this month and there are plans for a sharp acceleration into fall.

Given the trajectory of this ramp and our experience analyzing other product ramps at Apple, we expect the "iWatch" to be unveiled with the iPhone 6 in September. Since our research suggests the first iteration of the "iWatch" is more of a companion device, and thus requires a connection to an iPhone, we believe unveiling the two new devices at the same time makes sense.

White thinks that the iWatch will be available at various prices, perhaps starting at $199 or $229 to compete with rival smartwatches.

Just a week ago, a report from the Chinese media cited 'Luxshare insiders' who allegedly confirmed that Apple is testing the company's wireless charging coils for use in the iWatch.

Another report from last month suggested that Apple's smartwatch would have a round face and come in various models. (Probably one for women, one for men.)

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Production of iWatch Components to Start Later This Month?

iWatch Fanboi - June 6, 2014 at 8:09am
It will also bring a new feature to the iPhone. While linked to the watch the iPhone no longer displays the time to adjust your trained behaviour of checking your phone for time.
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