Apple is Reportedly Testing Wireless Charging Coils for the iWatch

Apple is Reportedly Testing Wireless Charging Coils for the iWatch

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A new report in the Chinese media cites 'Luxshare insiders' who have allegedly confirmed that Apple is testing the company's wireless charging coils for use in the iWatch.

Apple is apparently considering two wireless charging coil suppliers. Luxshare has already sent its coils to Apple for certification. If they get approved, then it's possible that Luxshare will also be providing the rest of the wireless charging module for the iWatch.

Luxshare wouldn't comment on the partnership because "the product [iWatch] is not yet available".

Recent reports have Apple producing a watch with a round face. It's said to go into production around July/August and multiple models are expected.

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Apple is Reportedly Testing Wireless Charging Coils for the iWatch

Fukjohn Rah - May 29, 2014 at 3:28pm
Samshiiit! Time to take down notes and rush out another useless toy with features this watch gets. Better than rushing it out like that. lolol
Tony - May 30, 2014 at 5:44am
Fuk- You are very stupid, Samsung already has wireless charging way before even apple made one, in fact it even has NFC, your most expensive 5s doesnt even have NFC, Wirless Charging, IR blaster and still running on DUAL CORE lol.... Thats why at the convention when they announced how fast it was the compared it to the oldest model iPhone 3G, LOL...... If I compare my phone to the first Samsung too, it will be 1000 times faster lol hahaha... And you morons still buy it lol...
Fukscrawn John - May 30, 2014 at 11:13am
Wow, more gb of ram but what does that shit have to do with the chips power compared? HARHARHAR. You think you can still be delusional to fool be with myths? What hopes do you have left for plastic unstable toys? iPhone took the gold again so what's your excuse anymore? That doesn't mean that the company that eventually sells the final product is selling a knock off or inferior product. Also it doesn't mean that the product isn't owned by the sad company. Parts are sourced from many companies so as to lower cost. Apple does this so well that with superior components, their phones still sell so well that they make so much profit. Any competitor trying to emulate the quality and style cannot make the price point to compete with Apple. You can shit out wishing myths all you want then suddenly you sound clueless, well guess what samshitter, you proved nothing because you always assume such crap, what's with you and your "we all know" bull shit therefore who the hell agrees with someone who fangasms 24/7 about how you trying to support a plastic toy that has no jd power, every time there is a chart post or a iPhone can now do this kind of topic, you ignore reality because you never learn to look back.