Apple to Delay HomeKit Launch?

Apple to Delay HomeKit Launch?

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Apple may delay its launch of HomeKit from early summer to early fall, reports Fortune.

Apple fans hoping for an imminent release of the company’s home automation platform, HomeKit, will have to wait. Sources participating in the program tell Fortune that the launch date has moved back from an anticipated May or June time-frame to something closer to late August or September.

Apple announced HomeKit last June at WWDC. While it never announced a launch date, partners revealed that they expected devices to be ready for Mother's Day and Father's Day. That timetable has changed and sources now say that Apple is planning a smaller announcement near-time and a bigger official launch later in the year.

Apparently, it appears that connecting all your devices (door locks, lights, etc) is harder than Apple anticipated and as a result the code base 'blew up', requiring far too much memory for smaller, battery-powered devices. Apple is now trying to shrink the code back down to size, says a source.

Notably, Broadcom recently revealed some information on how Apple may be planning to handle Bluetooth devices. The company said, "HomeKit devices will be able to bridge from a non-WiFi device such as a Bluetooth Smart light bulb to connect to a smart plug containing Broadcom’s software module, creating a bridge from the light bulb to the user’s HomeKit-supported app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch."

It's been rumored that a new Apple TV could play a central role in management of HomeKit devices; however, Apple has yet to reveal any details on the matter.

Hopefully, we'll learn more at WWDC 2015; however, Fortune reports that a back-to-school launch is more likely than a launch this summer.

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Apple to Delay HomeKit Launch?