WSJ: Dish Network in Talks to Merge With T-Mobile

WSJ: Dish Network in Talks to Merge With T-Mobile

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Dish Networks is in talks to merge with T-Mobile USA, according to sources that spoke to the Wall Street Journal.

The two sides are reportedly in close agreement about what a combined company would look like. Sources say current T-Mobile CEO John Legere could become CEO, while Dish's Charlie Ergen would become chairman. Other issues such as purchase price, and mix of cash and stock remain unresolved.

The deal would provide synergies on both sides that help solve different strategic hurdles. Dish currently owns lots of wireless spectrum, but has no cellular network to put it to use. It also is struggling ways to find success in the declining satellite TV business. Merging with T-Mobile would help address both those needs.

Dish Network recently revamped Sling TV earlier this year to offer a $20 monthly streaming plan, very similar to what Apple is rumored to eventually launch.

Dish's rival, DirecTV is close to finalizing a $49 billion deal to be acquired by AT&T, which is expected to see regulator approval soon.

WSJ: Dish Network in Talks to Merge With T-Mobile

Woz - June 5, 2015 at 11:36pm
Not Legere anybody but that nitwit.
John L. - June 6, 2015 at 12:03am
Says the debasing twit who dropped a perfectly good job worth his time back then compared to someone who revolutionized the mobile industry of how carriers work. We won't stop that revolution.
Woz - June 6, 2015 at 5:14am
You do know that I'm not Steve Wozniak right? And where would Steve Jobs be without Steve Wozniak? Wasn't Apple a sinking ship when Steve Wozniak left? Plus Steve Wozniak isn't a business person. He did want to be a billionaire. He wanted to be happy and make things. He makes a great amount of money and is happy. Do you make a great amount of money and are you happy?
John L. - June 6, 2015 at 12:33pm
First off, Steve Jobs did a hell of a job he created whether you were there or not, yet look at Apple now without Jobs. It still changes nothing but the CEO with his strategy. Seconds, the uncarrier was the reason I am one of the top CEOs around and sometimes known for most important people. Of course it's happy I have billions of customers switching. Verizon stores closing down slowly nearby, sprint can't expand no matter how many deals come out, and at is idea and money hungry and copy me with expensive deals.
Woz - June 12, 2015 at 3:44am
Isn't your company the company that Duetche Telekom is trying to sell to anybody because they don't want its filth. Billions of customer switching? Are you joking? Verizon stores are closing? Yet they are twice as big as you and still growing. AT&T gains more customers than you. And Sprint is also now gaining more and more customers and aren't their speeds faster than yours?
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