Amazon Announces Availability of Over 100 Dash Buttons

Amazon Announces Availability of Over 100 Dash Buttons

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Amazon has tripled the lineup of brands available to customers via the Amazon Dash Button. There are now over 100 Dash Buttons that you can choose from. Dash Buttons are real physical buttons you can press to instantly order a product from the website.

"We’re thrilled with the positive response we’ve seen for Dash Buttons—and we heard loud and clear from customers that they wanted more brands, more categories, and more products in the program. We’re excited to now offer over 100 Dash Buttons representing top-name brands across dozens of retail categories and thousands of product options,” said Daniel Rausch, Director of Amazon Dash. "Prime members are using Dash Buttons at an increasing rate—over the last three months, Dash Button orders have grown by more than 75%. Customers are using Dash Buttons more than once a minute, helping ensure they never run out of their everyday essentials.”

Dash Buttons are available to Prime members for $4.99 each, and they’re essentially free—with the first order through a Dash Button, members receive a $4.99 credit to their Amazon account. When a customer is running low on one of their everyday essentials, they can simply press a Dash Button to automatically reorder the item at the same low prices they find sold by Amazon online and with free Prime shipping. Customers receive a notification with every order and can change the product purchased through their Dash Button anytime. Prime members can order Dash Buttons at

Starting today, Prime members can order the following new Dash Buttons:
Ageless La Cure, Air Wick, Airborne, all Laundry Detergent, Angel Soft, Aquaphor, Arm & Hammer Cat Litter, Blue Sky, Brawny, Brita, Burt’s Bees, Caleb’s Kola, Carefree Feminine Liners, Charmin, Clorox, Dasani, David Sunflower Seeds, Derwent, Doritos, Downy, Eagle Pack, Energizer, Gain, Garnier SkinActive, Green Works, Hansen's Soda, Holistic Select, Honest Kids, Honest Tea, Hunt's Tomatoes, Illy Bottled Coffee, Illy Coffee, Jolie Paris, La Roche-Posay, L'il Critters Vitamins, Litter Genie, L’Oréal Paris Revitalift, Lysol, MegaRed, Milk Baby by Milk & Co, Milk by Klim by Milk & Co (men's line), Move Free Joint Health, Mucinex, Nature Valley, Near East, O.N.E. Coconut Water, Ocean Spray PACt, Old Mother Hubbard, Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn, OxiClean, Peet's Coffee, Playtex Sport Tampons, Pure Leaf Iced Tea, Purina Beyond, Quaker, Quartet, Quest Nutrition, Rayovac, Red Bull, Rid-X Septic Treatment, Schick Men’s Razors, Schick Women’s Razors, Schiff Glucosamine, Seventh Generation, Slim Jim, Snuggle, Solid Gold Pet Food, Stacy’s Pita Chips, Starbucks Doubleshot Coffee, Stayfree Feminine Pads, Trojan, Vanity Fair Napkins, Vichy, vitafusion, Vitamin Water, Wilson Jones, Wisk Deep Clean Laundry Detergent, ZICO Pure Coconut Water

New Dash Buttons join last year’s lineup:
Amazon Elements, Bounty, Clorox wipes, Cottonelle, Depend, Digestive Advantage Probiotic Supplements, Dixie tableware products, Finish Dishwashing Detergent, Gatorade, Gerber Formula, Gillette, Glad trash bags, Greenies, Hefty Trash and Storage Bags, Huggies, IceBreakers, Izze, Kraft Mac & Cheese, Lärabar, Maxwell House, Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day, Olay, Orbit Gum, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein, Smartwater, Tide, Wellness pet food, Ziploc

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Butterspider - March 31, 2016 at 3:14pm
I am dying to see that first news article about the 4 yr old that spammed a dash button and their parents were surprised with a delivery of a truckload of feminine pads! Lol
SayingWhatEveryonesThinking - March 31, 2016 at 4:12pm
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