Apple to Start Assembling iPhones in India Within 4-6 Weeks

Apple to Start Assembling iPhones in India Within 4-6 Weeks

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Apple will start assembling iPhones in India within the next 4-6 weeks for the first time, reports the WSJ.

An official said Wistron will start making iPhone 6 and 6s models at a plant in Bangalore. In about three months the iPhone SE will be added to the assembly line.

“Almost all preparations have been done for launching Apple’s first phase project in Bangalore through Wistron,” the official told The Wall Street Journal.

“We’ve been working hard to develop our operations in India,” an Apple spokeswoman said, declining to comment on the company’s specific plans for India. “We appreciate the constructive and open dialogue we’ve had with government about further expanding our local operations.”

Making iPhones in India will allow Apple to lower prices by at least $100 due to a much lower import tariff bill. Sources say Apple is also looking to bring component manufacturers to India to make parts and export finished phones.

More details in the full report linked below...

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Apple to Start Assembling iPhones in India Within 4-6 Weeks

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