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Foxconn VP: 'iPhone 8 is Not Cheap'

Foxconn VP: 'iPhone 8 is Not Cheap'

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In a recent post on Weibo (now deleted), Foxconn vice president Luo Zhongsheng says the iPhone 8 will not be cheap.

It's suggested that poor yield rates on the new iPhone 8 OLED display are contributing to it's higher cost.

"The yield of profiled OLED is only 60%. It seems that the difficulty of special-shaped cutting is indeed great. Of course, the cost will not be estimated iPhone 8 is not cheap."

Notably, this aligns with a recent report from ETNews which said that while OLED yield rates are typically 80%, Samsung may only be getting 60% for Apple's displays due to the company's request for different technologies. The poor yield may also contribute to a limited supply of iPhone 8 devices at launch.

There are reports that the iPhone 8 will cost around $1000 but some analysts are predicting even higher than that.

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Foxconn VP: 'iPhone 8 is Not Cheap'

jbird72 - August 8, 2017 at 1:14pm
Why would we expect any less, I would actually be very surprised if it wasn't more then a $1k. I bought the jet black 7plus 256gb and paid over $900 plus tax cant remember exactly and when Red iPhone came put I had to have it so I sold my jet black and paid over $1k for the Red iPhone 7plus 256gb. Now, I just went to BestBuy's site, guess I coulda went to Apple's instead, to see what exact current retail price is and added a red 7plus 256gb and with tax n free ship retail $1,069.99 w tax $1115.20. If you financed it interest free with Verizon for 24 months at $40.38 a month comes out to $969.99, that's $100 less then BB's retail price and I'm sure any other retailer and add tax it will put you well over $1k so no surprise here for $1k for iPhone 8/10/X whatever they're gonna call it, I won't be surprised if it retails for $1169 or $1199 or even $1299. We'll see soon!! I'll have to have it too!
D4xM4Nx - August 8, 2017 at 9:27am
This claim is honestly ridiculous, all iPhones have been expensive because paying for the best smartphone will always require your pocket to be deeper than usual. Of course the iPhone 8 will be expensive, maybe for a little margin higher than the upcoming 7s/7s plus, they need to keep the good leaks coming and not just some needless drama.
Raas Al Ghul - August 8, 2017 at 2:10am
iPhone’s have always been a premium product in terms of audience approach I’m sure the 7S will be similarly priced to current 7 models and of course the special anniversary edition iPhone will be priced higher but it is meant to be a more premium aimed product to mark the 10 years of the iPhone. premium product = premium price.
Ottifant - August 7, 2017 at 8:57pm
And for all that money you won't even get a headphone jack to connect your really not-cheap hi-fi headphones too? and Touch-ID may not be there either? And all your old apps that you paid and still love even though the developers don't care to update them to 64-bit won't work anymore... Not sure if that's going to sell well, but pretty sure I'm out!
Komo - August 7, 2017 at 8:07pm
If the price is higher than 1000 the sales will drop
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