iOS 12 Concept Visualizes New 'Now Playing' Experience [Video]

iOS 12 Concept Visualizes New 'Now Playing' Experience [Video]

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Check out this iOS 12 concept from Litaya (Lior Azulay) that visualizes a new Now Playing experience for music.

New features to make your listening to Apple Music better then ever. More simple, more colorful, more Innovative than ever - an all new Now Playing experience.

● Slide between playlist songs
● Quickly press to change volume
● Lyrics while playing
● Coverflow
● Background reacts to music
● Dark mode

Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Jayelbfo - March 9, 2018 at 4:19pm
I care. Every bit of this was sexy! The Apple Music app lacks on so many levels. And it isn't as easy it should be. It feels really clumsy to me to be honest. I had Apple Music and Spotify at the same time. Spotify has a better design and is more aesthetically appealing. If apple were to spruce up the design some along with better browsing of new music or curated playlists...they would win. But for now...Spotify has my monthly payment of $9.99. Another note, yes please on the Dark Mode. This should have been in YEARS ago!
Christopher Jones - March 9, 2018 at 3:45am
I agree with Aneda, I don’t think anyone spends more than 60 seconds inside the Music app after they find the song or playlist they want to hear - after you find it, you move on. One thing I noticed in the video was they mentioned ‘lyrics’ to the songs, but never actually showed the lyrics...I do think that would be cool to see every now and then. Also not a fan of the scrolling ‘love’ feature for a song...or maybe I do t understand what the concept of that would be - I like it a little so I slide it close to the bottom, or I really love it, so I slide it all the way up? ????????‍♂️ Now the dark mode is slick, but what would be slicker is if the screen automatically faded darker as the time of the day passed, so by midnight the background be completely dark (and of course the option to disable this feature). But overall the concept was nice..just my $.02
Aneda Toke - March 9, 2018 at 2:10am
Meh. I could care less about everything except the dark mode option. I don't need to see anything in the app while music is playing. I don't stay in the app and browse for long enough to even need those other options. Personally, if they added dark mode and took away the first screen so I just go into my music then I'd be 1/4 happy. I want to tap the artwork on the song list to que songs like I can on my JB'd iPhone 5. That would be awesome. Some other little things too...