Facebook Releases Kit (Keep in Touch) App for Apple Watch

Facebook Releases Kit (Keep in Touch) App for Apple Watch

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Facebook has quietly released a new Kit (Keep in Touch) app for the Apple Watch.

Last year, Facebook announced that it would launch experimental apps under the name 'NPE Team, from Facebook'. These apps will get shut down if they don't gain popularity.

Kit makes keeping in contact from your watch easy. Everything you need to compose a message is just one tap away. No more struggling to navigate a tiny screen to find the right option. To get started, just scan the QR code on your watch and pick a contact. One tap lets you send a voice message, your location or an emoji. You also have easy access to speech-to-text. We hope that Kit helps you keep in touch with those most important to you — without constantly needing to pick up your phone.

1. Onboarding: Log in by scanning a QR code on your watch, or by entering an access code at fb.com/devices.
2. Contact selection: Select a Messenger connection from your suggested and recent contacts with one click. Tap on “Change Contact” in the settings page to switch.
3. Sending a message: Send a message with one tap via audio recording, emoji, location sharing, scribble, or dictation input.
4. Receiving Messages: Swipe to see your contact’s messages on the right.
5. Notifications: Receive and respond to notifications from your top Messenger contact.

Using Kit requires a Messenger account. You can download Kit (Keep in Touch) from the App Store for free.


Facebook Releases Kit (Keep in Touch) App for Apple Watch

n0m0n - April 15, 2020 at 11:59am
When I tap on the link it takes me to the App Store and I get a message not available in your country. I also tried to search the App Store on my watch and it doesn’t come up in the results either. Am I missing something? Thanks
thomasquintana - April 17, 2020 at 6:33pm
Receiving The same results