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Comex wartet nicht bis iOS4.1 mit dem Jailbreak release

Comex wartet nicht bis iOS4.1 mit dem Jailbreak release

Posted July 20, 2010 at 9:48pm by iClarified
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Comex Comex gab gekannt, dass er nicht bis zum Release des iOS 4.1 warten wird, bis er seinen Jailbreak veröffentlicht.

Ich warte nicht auf 4.1, darum hoffe ich, dass jeder sein SHSH Blobs gesichert hat :p

SHSH blobs für 4.0.1 sowie 4.0 sind möglich; AFAIK gibt es keine Unterschiede, abgesehen vom Riegel :)

Es ist unumgänglich, dass ihr eure SHSS blobs speichert. Folgt einfach einem dieser Tutorials

Sobald der Jailbreak draußen ist, werdet ihr mit UltraSn0w fähig sein, euer Iphone zu entsperren.
Das iPhone Dev-Team gab bekannt, dass sie iPhone 4 unlock auch zu ultrasn0w hinzufügen werden.

Comex wartet nicht bis iOS4.1 mit dem Jailbreak release
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3gsuser - July 29, 2010 at 3:19am
where is the jailbreal tool? where is spirit going?what is not waiting?damn shit...
dippend - July 21, 2010 at 10:08pm
is this jailbreak for 3gs newbootrom tethered or untethered.
Axwell - July 21, 2010 at 1:09pm
Does this mean that I have to upgrade to 4.0 (from my current 3.1.3) in order to save my SHSH blobs?? In that case I will not be able to use my phone, right? ;)
Junito - July 21, 2010 at 2:55pm
You love to read dont you?
John smith
John smith - July 21, 2010 at 4:05pm
No you don't need to save Shsh files. Just upgrade to 4.0.1 and you can jailbreak your phone already with the current blackra1n. Try it, it works, I just did it.
Axwell - July 21, 2010 at 7:07pm
No Junito, I'm dyslectic, I don't love to read. But John the thing is I jailbreaked with spirit before and if i were to simply upgrade i couldn't jailbreak once on 4.0.1, right? If i want a jailbroken device (3gs, old bootrom) i would have to restore first to 3.1.3, jailbreak with pwnage or whatever, create a custom ipsw, then restore to my new custom firmware... In order to save my shsh for a future comex jailbreak (which i then wouldn't need;) I'm very confused and dead frightened for upgrading without a secure jailbreak and unlock...
iPwn - July 21, 2010 at 1:04pm
Hey c0mex, GeoHot is releasing his JB soon. u need to release ur JB faster than GeoHot. U need to tell him that ur the man not him. shut him up so he wont get too selfish. Tonight is a good release date. xD
Chompas - July 21, 2010 at 11:02am
I never saved a SHSH Blob before. Actually I have 3GS New Bootrom with 3.1.3 JB with Spirit. If I save my blob I would be able to use this JB when it's available?
kentwang - July 21, 2010 at 1:24pm
You dont need to have blob saved in order to jb. But if 4.1 come out in the future, and you design to down grade to 4.0 or 4.01, you wont be able to, unless you had save your 4.0 or 4.01.
Chompas - July 21, 2010 at 1:41pm
Thanks for your reply. I'll do it then. But it's good to know how it works. =)
  MuscleNerd - July 21, 2010 at 10:52am
Looks like someone has been having fun here....
sushil sthapit
sushil sthapit - July 21, 2010 at 10:57am
i am in trouble my iPhone 3GS restore error 29 help me and my phone dont share at all help help help comex, musclendar please help
Dante - July 21, 2010 at 10:49am
iPhone 3GS - New Bootroom - iOS4.0 - Original AT&T Sim Activated Phone. Here is my plan, tell me if it should work... Jailbreak with Comex's new spirit, install ultrasn0w for unlock, take out AT&T sim and put in "Simple Mobile" sim. will this work? anyone use simple mobile as their carrier? do they have 3g problems like tmobile?
pablo - July 21, 2010 at 10:25am
make it happen soon!!!
MuscleNerd_ - July 21, 2010 at 10:16am
ultrasn0w and Spirit bundle this weekend, stay tuned on twitter we have may surprises, thanks to Planetbeing
xavier - July 21, 2010 at 10:30am
dude wats wrong wid u? why cant stor being fake MuscleNerd?......
Anton - July 22, 2010 at 7:08am
It's better to be a fake somebody, than a real nobody..
max - August 2, 2010 at 3:56am
musclenerd bro...iz da new release gonna unlock/jailbreak da iphone 3gs which has been accidentally locked by updating to OS 4 from 3.1.2 (5.13.04) and without the shsh blobs saved ?
dr - July 21, 2010 at 8:57am
does it works with iphone 4..?
SUSHIL - July 21, 2010 at 7:31am
i tried to restore my 3gs to ios 4.0.1 and error "29" any one can help me here n my battery do not charge
Rod - July 21, 2010 at 7:15am
Just so I'm clear, I only need to save blobs if I intended to unlock, right? If I only want to jailbreak and not unlock I don't need to save blobs. Is that correct?
Junito - July 21, 2010 at 9:53am
Incorrect, blobs are only for downgrade,not unlock, not jailbreak, only for downgrade
88ender88 - July 21, 2010 at 10:53am
shsh blobs are for preserving your firmware. you'll want to save them so that you can restore your phone to the current jailbreak/unlockable version, or you'll be stuck, forced into the new software and once again waiting hopefully for the new jailbreak/unlock tools.
nicop - July 21, 2010 at 6:53am
so does that mean i can savely update to 4.0.1? (I have not saved my SHSH blobs for 4.0 cuz i was to late).
88ender88 - July 21, 2010 at 11:04am
@comex says yes. if you use tiny umbrella it'll save your shsh blobs for 4.0.1 even if your phone is on 4.0 but you can never go back to 4.0 ;)
Joe - July 21, 2010 at 12:33pm
I was too late with saving SSh for 4.0 too, so how can I get it to save for 4.01? I haven't updated yet in the fear that it will prevent future jailbreaking. Pls help! :D
nicop - July 21, 2010 at 12:51pm
i just tried and it Works. just use tiny umbrella. it will Save your 4.0.1 shsh blobs Even if your on 4.0. i Used my iPhone 4.0
Joe - July 21, 2010 at 12:54pm
Yup, I re-downloaded TinyUmbrella and it gave an extra option of 4.01 this time. Thanks! Feel much better now. :)
tim - July 21, 2010 at 6:46am
hi I'm on 3.1.2 jailbroken ipt3 saved blobs via cydia I was wondering if I could save 4.0.1 blobs without upgrading
JEREMIAH - July 21, 2010 at 6:34am
please will spirit work on those stack on emergency call only.
babo7511 - July 21, 2010 at 5:55am
will the JB of comex able to jailbreal 3gs with new bootrom and without shsh been saved???when will be released????
Spirit Makes your spirit frustrated :-)
Spirit Makes your spirit frustrated :-) - July 21, 2010 at 4:21am
WHAT IS COMEX WAITING FOR THEN ??? he already showed us pics and videos of jailbroken phones ! if he did that HOW and where is the tool he used to do that ??? give us that tool and then work on enhancing the software !
Jakub - July 21, 2010 at 4:09am
Guys, I'm getting a bit desperate here, I have my 3GS for about 5 month now and starring at it, cannot be used. New bootroom, stuck on Emergency screen. Don't have a Swiss SIM to activate neither Phonebook SIM what is been used in the last tutorial. I don't even care about 4.0, I just want to use the phone.....I don't even know what I'm waiting for. I guess for Comex to release official jailbreak for 4.0 right? Or do I have any other options ?!?
neonshad0w - July 21, 2010 at 5:39am
Even after the release, if your are not activated, you cannot jailbreak with "Spirit2"
Claudio - July 21, 2010 at 7:56am
Yes, you can activate. See here https://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.php?enid=10657
davy1shoe - July 21, 2010 at 9:30am
Do you have acces to a mac? I got mine working with dev team way via my mac book i had zero luck via windows. Try getting hold of a mac and using dev team way (dont add 5 rows optoin via cydia as it crashes the iphone and has to be hacked again)
74tz - July 21, 2010 at 3:27am
Will this Userland jailbreak work with the new minor update to iPad iOS 3.2.1?
Ricky - July 21, 2010 at 2:18am
So I have a 3gs with ios4 installed. Is this the right one I am waiting for?
Claudio - July 21, 2010 at 3:17am
You can Jailbreak 3GS now. I have main jailbracked on 4.
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