Geohot Starts The iPhone Wiki for Hackers

Geohot Starts The iPhone Wiki for Hackers

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Geohot has launched to gather information on the iPhone and the progress hackers have made with the device.

Geohot expresses his disappointment that the previous wiki went offline and its information has been lost. He also worries that if the Dev-Team ever is disbanded valuable information could go missing.

We used to have an open wiki, actually it hasn't been open for a long time at But whoever was managing it allowed it to fall apart, until it finally went offline, destroying information. I *hate* losing information. I wish I'd managed that wiki from the beginning, it's almost too late now.

Geohot has launched as a new place for users to document the progress made in hacking the iPhone.

I tried really hard to make the wiki a neutral place for information. The hosting costs are paid for by the ads on this blog; I figured I should do something good with the money, so there will never be ads or donate links on the wiki. I'm trying to pass the knowledge of the iPhone onto the next generation of hackers. Will you help me?

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Geohot Starts The iPhone Wiki for Hackers
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