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Warning: Rogers Out to Screw Canadians Again

Warning: Rogers Out to Screw Canadians Again

Posted August 26, 2008 at 11:46am by iClarified · 13109 views
Rogers and Fido customers may be in for a huge shock when those with blocked Internet access receive a bill for thousands of dollars.

Rogers customer service has reached a disgusting new low. Customers with the 2G iPhone are being billing for thousands of dollars in data access fees. These charges are being placed on customers who not only have edge turned off but also those who have requested Internet access blocked on their cellular account.

As an example, a fido customer recently related to me that he was called by customer service demanding $1600 in data access fees for only 29 MB. This was impossible he said because his iPhone had edge turned off and he had called 5 months earlier and requested all internet access be blocked on his account.

The fido rep informed him that background applications on his phone were accessing the Internet via a new apn they setup for the iPhone 3g! Apparently Rogers has opened a new port to connect to the Internet and did not block it for all those customers who requesting their Internet be blocked. Even after a lookup to confirm a call was indeed made to block Internet access, the rep refused to admit this was an error of theirs and is holding the client responsible for the charges unless he agrees to sign up for a data plan.

Through further investigation a source working at fido has informed me that this is a common and intentional practice. Rogers is purposely not fully blocking Internet access when requested by it's customers. This isn't only for the users of a 2g iPhone. Those purchasing the 3g iPhone without data will soon find a huge bill on their hands. By this method Rogers is pressuring iPhone clients into signing up for their over priced dataplan. My source says he is swamped with these situations on a daily basis.

And to make things even worse Rogers is increasing the price of a data plan from $30/month to $100/month at the end of August. Since Rogers has a GSM monoply in Canada customers have no other alternate even if the 3G iPhone is unlocked.
Warning: Rogers Out to Screw Canadians Again
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bugeyedbrit - September 2, 2008 at 9:44pm
just called by Rogers today, I was going to be charged 1400 bucks for 20mb of downloading(apparently), the rep apologized and said the bill would be wiped, I think because I too had downloading barred. I even callled after getting the iphone to warn them I could use the weather and stock apps.....with no WiFi.....was told I was not able to, hence I think it would be impossible to now enforce this bill. Rogers now assure me that the iphone really is barred, it better be.
SpoBo - August 28, 2008 at 3:31am
J, I'm well aware of that. It's just mainly that the user did request for his account to use no data whatsoever. You can do that over here in Belgium. You won't be charged for data unless you request to have it enabled. And clearly that user didn't want any data transferred to and from his phone. The user could have racked up the data while he thought he was on wireless while he had bad reception and it dropped him back to 3G or EDGE. I just think it's wrong to charge the user in question for what happened. It's almost like a sneak attack to bankrupt their users. And if I was in his/her place I would make a big deal about it too. It's called common sense and customer service and both seem to be lacking with Rogers. But J don't get me wrong .. I hate it when there are news articles that don't have all the facts straight and you pointed out that there is a clear difference between the 100$ and the 30$ plan.
J - August 27, 2008 at 6:17pm
I will agree with you all that our wireless rates in Canada are high. I'm all for paying less. However, it's one thing to have a valid argument about that and it's another thing to competely hack on a Canadian company with false accusations and arguments in an attempt to misinform readers. I present factual information, and I get bashed? Hilarious. Now lets get to individual responses. To "bz": Rogers did not introduce the $30 6GB plan at the request of Apple. It was designed to ease the tensions that arose from the original iPhone price plans (which I will say are ridiculous). Rogers released it to pacify the masses, and not as a long term solution. To "SpoBo": The user was charged on a pay-per-use basis because he/she elected to not add a data option. That should explain the original charge. I would assume that all major wireless companies would have a pay-per-use rate to use data (AT&T's rate is $.01/kb). Rogers is a little steep at $.05/kb but thats to encourage consumers to add a data plan (so then rather then pay $50 to load one web site, $30 will get you as much internet as you can handle). This tactic is the same for AT&T. Are you people not smart enough to realize not that maybe you shouldn't be using pay-per-use data? Maybe Rogers doesn't explain themselves well enough I don't know... but its always been crystal clear to me. To "gmckay": It's not considered a price increase because the $100 6GB plan was never not available. How can you can increase the price of something that has never changed? It's always been there.
SpoBo - August 27, 2008 at 7:41am
Apple should just make a statement and drop all collaboration with Rogers. They're clearly ran by a bunch of money craving fools with no respect for their customers. Apple should start as an independent operator in Canada haha now that would be awesome :p And 'J' ... I'm sorry but 1600$ for what was it .. 26Mb? What do you think that is? A rip-off? Or perhaps a fair price to pay for a measly 26Mb? If they offer a 6GB plan for 100$ and I do the math I'm pretty sure that 1600$ is completely OUT of proportion. If my provider tried that with me I would go to war ... especially if I had requested for them to block all internet access on my account. Hell ... it's even possibly to bankrupt anyone in canada using Rogers that has no data plan. Just download a youtube movie from 1 hour and they'll be forced to sell their homes. In contrary to what you might think it's as good as free for Rogers to let someone download a Mb on their network through EDGE or 3G. It shouldn't cost the enduser his/her firstborn to download a GB without a data contract.
bz - August 27, 2008 at 3:17am
right on gmckay! thank u! J u dont know what u r talkin about! clearly us canadians are gettin screwed... The only reason this $30 data plan exists in the first place is cuz apple forced rogers to make something somewhat affordable! F Rogers!
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