European Telecom Operators Say Nokia Lumia is Not Good Enough

European Telecom Operators Say Nokia Lumia is Not Good Enough

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Four major telecom operators in Europe have told Reuters that the new Nokia Lumia smartphones are not good enough to compete with Apple's iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy.

Reviews of the new Lumia 900 found the device to have a nice solid feel but fall slightly short on resolution, camera quality, processor power, and memory. On top of unimpressive hardware specifications, the Lumia must also contend with the growing pains of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 operating system.

"Nokia have given themselves a double challenge: to restore their credibility in terms of making hardware smartphones and succeed with the Microsoft Windows operating system, which lags in the market," the executive at a European operator said.

He said Windows Phone worked nicely with PCs and allowed you "to do tonnes of cool things" but few customers knew this. "If the Lumia with the same hardware came with Android in it and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell," he said.

In order to succeed, operators believe that Microsoft must do more to get Nokia's Windows phones into the market place.

An operator spokesperson said: "If they could lower the price we think they could sell more. It might be worth making it a bit of a loss leader to get it out of the door. It's not rocket science."

However, some consultants believe even this won't make the phones a success.

"The operators say to Nokia: 'We will try to bail you out if you and Microsoft come with the marketing money,'" says telecom consultant John Strand. "But even if the operators start to give away the Nokias for free, it will not make Nokia a success."

Most would agree that the Lumia 900 is a massive step forward for Nokia and Microsoft; however, it appears they may have fallen just short of a winning device.

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Fukscrawn John - June 17, 2014 at 12:31pm
It will never be because of microdump screwing up the os, that's their mistake nowadays they fcked up with!!
Noman - April 18, 2012 at 4:44am
Funnky that the biggest argument in this rubbish is the specs - please rewind to the beginning of iPhone hype. IPhone never competed with the specs, it was the innovative Operating system, user friendliness that sold trillions not the hardware specs. Win mobile is breeze of fresh air to iOS and its imitators (Android) so they are very interesting - so interesting that thinking of making leap and breaking up my balanced Apple ecosystem. If that doesnt mean that its good enough - what does.
Goodforyou - April 18, 2012 at 2:50am
1st - You are all affraid of windows phone. You are scared that, once again, microsoft learn how to lead a market created by Apple and wich, btw, is now led by Google. 2nd - "if Lumia, with same hardware, came with android" it would NOT WORK AT ALL. At least not as smooth as it is runs with WP7.5. 3rd - Awake people know that the "lack" of apps (80.000 now) of windows market place is a matter of time. Specially when WP8 is deployed. WP8 will run on it's mobile version the same apps it runs on desktops. How much would that be comparing to apple's OS nowadays? 4th - it's sad that apple once again got stuck with its internal culture limitations. And now, they have one less point on their side. Steve jobs is gone. 5th - its even more said that you, apple fans, are blind are just dont ask for more from apple. You just other manufacture's innovation suck. An than you see that on the next iOS release. As fans you should ask for more. Like you do with your music. If rolling stones had only 10 lyrics bit differently mixed in 10 distiguished albums it dont think you would buy it. Would you? Apple fans, you were and will, once again, be responsible for Apple's crash.