Android Surpasses 80% Market Share, iOS Drops to 12.9%, Windows Up 156% [Charts]

Android Surpasses 80% Market Share, iOS Drops to 12.9%, Windows Up 156% [Charts]

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Android has surpassed 80% market share for the first time and Windows has jumped 156%, while iOS dropped 1.5% to 12.9% market share in the third quarter of 2013, according to IDC.

Google's Android operating system reached a new milestone during the third quarter of 2013 (3Q13), according to the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker. With a total base of 211.6 million smartphone units shipped during the quarter, Android accounted for 81.0% of all smartphone shipments, marking the first time that Android topped 80% in its short history. Despite high saturation rates in a number of mature markets, the overall smartphone space grew 39.9% year-over-year in the third quarter.

Also reaching a milestone was Microsoft's Windows Phone, which grew an amazing 156.0% year over year. Granted, volumes started from a small base of 3.7 million units a year ago and overall market share is still less than five percent. But Microsoft's efforts, with Nokia's support behind it, helped drive the platform into multiple tiers and price points.

"Android and Windows Phone continued to make significant strides in the third quarter. Despite their differences in market share, they both have one important factor behind their success: price," said Ramon Llamas, Research Manager with IDC's Mobile Phone team. "Both platforms have a selection of devices available at prices low enough to be affordable to the mass market, and it is the mass market that is driving the entire market forward."

Notably, the average selling price of a smartphone declined 12.5% in 3Q13 to an average price of $317. Phablets have become increasing popular and are priced higher than market average at $443; however, that's also lower than last years average phablet price of $573. Phablets now account for 21% of the smartphone market. That's up from 3% a year ago.

Operating System Highlights
● Android pushed past 80% market share for the first time in 3Q13, a testament to its broad and deep list of vendors, including four of the top five vendors worldwide. While Android, as a whole, moved forward, the vast majority of its vendors still struggle to find meaningful market share. Samsung accounted for 39.9% of all Android shipments for the quarter, while the rest of the vendors either saw single-digit market share or, in the case of the majority of vendors, market share of less than 1%.

● iOS, despite seeing its total volumes increase and reaching new record third quarter volumes, saw its market share decline during 3Q13, most likely due to soft demand in the weeks leading up to the launch of iOS 7 smartphones. Still, if the 9 million units sold during the last week of September is any indication of future adoption, iOS stands to reap another record quarter in terms of volumes, market share, and year-over-year growth.

● Windows Phone posted the largest year-over-year growth worldwide of any of the leading operating systems, a result primarily driven by the support of Nokia. By itself, Nokia accounted for 93.2% of all the Windows Phone-powered smartphones shipped during the quarter, marking a new milestone in the company's short history on the Microsoft platform. Participation from other vendors, meanwhile, still seemed a mixed bag with more vendors participating from a year ago, but volumes still far behind Nokia's own.

● BlackBerry recorded the largest year-over-year decline among the leading operating systems during 3Q13. Underpinning its results was softer demand for its new BB10 operating system and continued demand for its older BB7 within emerging markets. Now with a new CEO in place and an infusion of $1 billion, what remains to be seen is how and when the beleaguered operating system will be able to change course in the face of mounting pressure from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

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Android Surpasses 80% Market Share, iOS Drops to 12.9%, Windows Up 156% [Charts]

Android Surpasses 80% Market Share, iOS Drops to 12.9%, Windows Up 156% [Charts]

T Hui - November 13, 2013 at 10:14pm
I'm so sick of people arguing whether Android or iOS is a better software or whether Apple or Samsung make better phones. They have their pros and cons. I just got the 5C instead of the 5S and love it. The 5C's plastic feels like expensive plastic as compared to Samsung Galaxy 4S's cheap plastic. As for the software, I seem to like the look of Android's software better, but when it comes to usability, I'd prefer the iOS 7 cause it is much simpler to use. For overall camera quality, I think Android devices and the IPhones both have great cameras, so it is pretty much a push. The 64 bit chip for IPhone 5s and the new IPad's are really a gimmick. It doesn't really matter unless the ram is 4GB or more. As for Tablets, the IPads are still the best overall quality, whether it is 7 or 9 inches.
Thong Gill - November 13, 2013 at 10:35pm
Tony has been like this since summer, omg his rants he kept bringing up on and on! Please get some sense into him!
T Hui - November 13, 2013 at 11:13pm
I say to each their own. I hate it when people bash others for liking something. Makes it sound childish.
sailesh - November 13, 2013 at 11:03am
Apple iOS Apple iOS Apple iOS...Thats it!
lepaka - November 13, 2013 at 7:57am
it is a free market and anyone can decide what they want to buy, as long as he can pay for it. i stick myself very happy for the last 2 years with my iPhone 4s and don't even comes to my head a possibility of change. that's what is (or was) Apple for me, you buy some product and it will last in your hand for years without performance lost. since 2011 i did not updated any Apple equipment and all of them are running perfectly at the fastest speed you can click. for the future, who knows, i agree with the ones that Tim Cock will lead the company down, due to the lack of inovation and concentration only in big numbers profit. or some lunatic as Scott Forstall step ahead and keeps the innovation one step ahead of the concorrence.
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