Insane Tests Push New Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X to Their Limits [Video]

Insane Tests Push New Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X to Their Limits [Video]

Posted by · 16618 views · Translate has performed a series of crazy tests pushing the new Mac Pro and Final Cut Pro X to their limits.

In the first test they added 4K connected clips one on top of each other at 1 frame intervals. They stopped at 1600 connected clips. The video below shows the results of the test with 1000 clips. Impressively, the Mac Pro played the first 50 frames before looking like it was dropping frames

In another test they created a 500,000 pixel wide by 1080 pixels high project. The site suggests that such an odd sized project could be the ideal way to build media for digital signage. Take a look at the results below.

The final crazy test was to see how long a timeline could be created. FCP ended up making a 558 day timeline which means you could hit play and then come back in one year and the timeline would still be playing. It did start dropping frames after a few seconds, however.

FCP notes that the limitations of their setup appeared to be hardware based, rather than software based.

It seems that the real limitation is a hardware one, yes FCPX will do 16K, but you have to have the storage bandwidth to supply the huge number of pixels per second. When creating that huge timeline, we used the same clip over and over. Making the same timeline from different shorter clips wouldn't be as easy as we think very large numbers of clips within FCPX will slow the machine down.

You can read the full report at the link below...

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