Perian Updated to 1.1.4

Perian Updated to 1.1.4

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Perian, a free open source QuickTime component that adds native support for many popular video formats has been updated to v1.1.3


- Forced VobSub subtitles are imported into a separate track [r1015]
- Added initial DTS passthrough via similar mechanisms as AC3 [r1024]
- Support old ffmpeg-generated MKV files with no enabled tracks [r1021]
- 10.6-compatible preference pane [r1085]

- Fixed "Load External Subtitles" checkbox [r998]
- Fixed crash/freeze when loading broken VobSub subtitles [r1000, r1034]
- Fixed import of uncompressed audio in FLV [r1007]
- Fixed import of some audio tracks; should improve iApps [r1042, r1088]
- Fixed CRAM codec AVI in browsers [r1010]
- Worked around bug in iChat codec loading [r1008]
- Never allows Apple's code to handle AC3 data anymore so passthrough works more often [r1014]
- Doesn't try to decode some RGB colorspaces (such as in Camtasia) that aren't supported [r1039]
- Fixed some 16-bit RGB codecs on Intel [r1039]
- Fixed importing movie files with no video tracks (regression from r706) [r1042]
- Fixed H264 crash in put_h264_qpel8_h_lowpass_l2_ssse3 (in FFmpeg)
- Fixed crash with corrupt first frame [r1061]
- Fixed BMP/RLE in AVI [r1078]
- Fixed several memory leaks [r1086]
- Fixed a problem with wrong channel order in DTS 5.1 [r1076]
- Fixed possible conflict with UniversalDetector.framework [r1100]

- Fixed garbage characters appearing at the end of a line with some fonts [r1013]
- Better handling of invalid SSA files [r1013]
- Fixed rendering of multi-layer subtitles [r1016]
- Fixed SRT files using ',' for decimals [r1019]
- Ignored SSA shapes and blur instead of misparsing them [r1027, r1036]
- Disabled vertical font support again to fix files wrongly using it for Latin text [r1027]
- Fixed subtitles in MKV wrongly displaying at the end of a video [r1036]
- Better handling of move and org [r1063, r1103]

- Compilation under 10.4 is no longer supported.
- A52Codec has been deprecated and will be replaced by an LGPL decoder in a future release.

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Perian Updated to 1.1.4
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Alain - July 31, 2009 at 10:48am
Dont forget to disable Automatic Update or you will be connected at each video you'll see... annoying...