Apple Posts Profile on Houzz: 'Creating A Great Commerce Experience' [Video]

Apple Posts Profile on Houzz: 'Creating A Great Commerce Experience' [Video]

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Apple has posted a profile on Houzz revealing how the company successfully built a great commerce experience for web and mobile.

With a focus on providing the best experience for home renovation and interior design through technology, Houzz has grown into a thriving home improvement destination. Houzz shares its unique approach to e‑commerce, and how the experience evolved from a side project for co‑founders Alon Cohen and Adi Tatarko as they renovated their home to a multi-platform app with tens of millions of users monthly.

Apple Posts Profile on Houzz: 'Creating A Great Commerce Experience' [Video]

The company's approach to monetization focuses on solving the needs of its users, says Cohen. “When we got started, the best advice that we got was that we should focus first on the user experience and build that out until we really provide an amazing value to the community, and then monetization sort of follows organically at that point. So we spent the first few years really optimizing the experience, creating the best experience for homeowners and for the professionals.”

Guy Shaviv, Lead Mobile Architect at Houzz, credits the Houzz app in growing the business by exposing Houzz to a different user base than the website. “The users on mobile are much more engaged,” he notes, “and are much more dedicated to the Houzz experience.” Shaviv says that this is in part because the Houzz app is not an "in-your-face" e‑commerce experience. “It's something that lets the user learn and educate themselves about design and design trends.”

Watch the video and hit the link below for the full profile...

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