Apple Decided to Double Down on Pro Hardware Following 'Constant Negativity' From Pro Users [Report]

Apple Decided to Double Down on Pro Hardware Following 'Constant Negativity' From Pro Users [Report]

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A new report claims the Mac Pro was in limbo at Apple but 'constant negativity' and a poor reception of its new MacBook Pro resulted in the company deciding to double down on hardware for pro users.

Thom Holwerda from OSNews reports that the decision to develop a modular Mac Pro was only made in recent months and development started just a few weeks ago. He speculates that we won't see the new Mac Pro until late 2018 at the earliest but most likely early 2019.

What made Apple do a 180? Well, after the announcement of the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, orders for refurbished "old" MacBook Pros supposedly went through the roof, and after the initial batch of reviews came out, they shot up even higher. This response to the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar took Apple completely by surprise. Combined with the problems surrounding the LG UltraFine 5K display and the constant negativity from professional Apple users, the company decided to double down on professional users.

Notably, Apple is also said to be considering more retina MacBook Pro models without the Touch Bar and other pro features such as the ability to hook up your iPad Pro to a Mac and use it like a Cintiq. As announced, the Apple is also releasing a pro iMac. We could see that new iMac this October, perhaps with a new keyboard as well.

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Apple Decided to Double Down on Pro Hardware Following 'Constant Negativity' From Pro Users [Report]

MacMenon - April 9, 2017 at 9:34am
"Constant negativity"? Makes it sound like an irritating user problem than the huge mistake that Apple made. Sounds like a company that has become so besotted by itself and what it does that it no longer cares about its customer's basic requirements. Quite a change from the company that was all about the user's requirements.
Pan Rumburak - April 8, 2017 at 7:29pm
The most unacceptable behaviour is that Apple has constantly cheated its customers, by using ‘pro’ for non-pro machines, e.g. iPad Pro (both models) and the last nMBP, none of these is a pro machine in the serious, genuine sense of the word. Those who invoke the one-only-USB port of the first coloured PowerBooks forget that PB’s which had that unique port were NOT pro machines, they were the entry level products. Pro machines traditionally had more ports, which is entirely logical, as they must cover many pro needs. Mac Pro is not a pro machine either or is not any more, supposing it once was. There still are wonderful machines Apple is manufacturing, first of all the iMacs, secondly the minis, even these latter would require an upgrade. And, of course, iPhone. I cannot comment on tablets, I do not like them; definitely, iPad Pro is no pro, indeed.
paulMOGG - April 7, 2017 at 4:36pm
Thanks Appley why didn't they just say that ?
Kk - April 7, 2017 at 3:24pm
Seriously, what makes that product a pro? You can't connect any peripherals, no sd card slot, no mag safe, a gimmick touch bar, no glowing Apple logo(what macbooks are famous for) and you can't even connect your god damn iPhone out of the box for god sake. And they are still surprise people are not buying?
Pan Rumburak - April 7, 2017 at 11:57am
Wow, Apple board have finally heard what pro users have been taling for at least 2 years, i.e. that Apple has remained behind its competitors.
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