Sharp and Japan Display Compete for Apple OLED Orders [Report]

Sharp and Japan Display Compete for Apple OLED Orders [Report]

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LG, Sharp, and Japan Display are all competing to land Apple orders for OLED displays, reports DigiTimes.

LG is likely to become the second OLED panel supplier with recent rumors suggesting the company will produce displays for a larger 6.5-inch smartphone to be released this year.

Sharp, now a Foxconn Electronics company, is likely to come ahead of fellow company Japan Display (JDI) to crank out OLED screens as early as in the second quarter of 2018, said the sources, citing Japan-based media reports.

Currently, it's estimated that there are a total of 13 fabs capable of producing small to medium sized OLED panels in China. If they all come online, the combined production capacity of the fabs, 11 of which are 6G, is around 350,000 substrates a month.

If production ramps up as planned in Korea, Japan, and China there will be an oversupply of the panels; however, OLED screens could expand from handsets to other consumer electronic products which would minimize the impact caused by oversupply.

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Sharp and Japan Display Compete for Apple OLED Orders [Report]

Smartguys - January 12, 2018 at 10:47pm
I don’t really care who wins it. But go on Japan! You know their attention to detail. When we think a subway/train is on time 95% of the time and we’re pleased. They’re never pleased with anything below 100%. Japanese culture is good like that.
Pauliep - January 12, 2018 at 11:52pm
I can get on board with that