Apple Posts Four More iPhone Photography Tutorials [Video]

Apple Posts Four More iPhone Photography Tutorials [Video]

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Apple has posted four more iPhone photography tutorial videos to YouTube. This follows the first set of four tutorial videos that were posted a couple days ago.

Check them out below!

How to shoot with light and shadow on iPhone
Take a more expressive approach. Compose in strong light and shadow, then adjust the exposure down for a dramatic new look.

How to trim a video on iPhone
Trim your video down to the very best moment. Learn to easily edit out what doesn’t help tell the story.

How to shoot using the Rule of Thirds on iPhone
Discover the benefit of using the grid overlay. It helps you frame and compose any shot in a surprisingly powerful way.

How to shoot a Time-Lapse video on iPhone
Learn how to compress time in your videos. Just switch to Time-Lapse and speed things up a little.

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