iTunes Will Continue to Exist for Windows

iTunes Will Continue to Exist for Windows

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Although Apple is removing iTunes from macOS Catalina in favor of separate Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV apps, the software will continue to exist for Windows users, reports ArsTechnica.

Apple says users of iTunes under Microsoft Windows will not see any changes. It won't be broken up into several apps; it will work just like it does now. However, Apple did not provide any clarification about what support will be like for future features. The company simply says that Windows users will continue to have the same experience as before and that it is not announcing any plans to end support for iTunes in Windows.

Of course this could change in the future; however, Windows users will need a place to manage their device. On macOS, that has now been moved to Finder.

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iTunes Will Continue to Exist for Windows

NoGoodNick - June 6, 2019 at 9:53pm
As much as I'd LIKE to believe this is an intelligent move, history leaves me doubtful. Simplicity is always best, not just aesthetically, but from an engineering perspective. But Ive seems to be pissing on Jobs' aesthetics. When you use one overly complex tool to create three separate overly complex tools, chances are that NONE will work correctly. And with NO other compelling reason to upgrade to Catalina, it's looking like this is yet another disastrous marketing 'gimmick'. I just upgraded my various Macs, so I'll sit the next few updates out. IF these tools prove to be wonderfully successful, I'll gladly upgrade, but I'm guessing it'll instead be incredibly painful. Besides, there ARE alternatives to iTunes (which ISN'T going away anyway).
Esmerejildo - June 5, 2019 at 1:56am
Only the syncing part is concerning. But other than that I think it’s a great idea.
stevenlacross - June 4, 2019 at 7:41pm
I think separating it up like that is stupid.
nocci - June 4, 2019 at 7:59pm
You sure? Anyone who has stuck with iTunes since the beginning has admitted how much of a mess they say it is the more it tried to expand on being a library of content along with how it reacted to devices plugged in. I'd say this is for the best. We're okay with books, App Store, and iTunes being seperate as they seem now. I'd like to experience these now seperate apps myself. Not to sway you from your opinion, but just a thought I'd share and maybe clear this up.