Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS

Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS

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The Iconfactory has announced the release of Twitterrific 6 for iOS featuring built-in support for GIPHY, new colorful themes, additional customization options, support for auto-playing videos, and more.

Today we are proud to release Twitterrific 6.0 for iOS! This is one of the biggest updates of Twitterrific ever, representing over 50 bug fixes and improvements as well as a ton of new features. We’re very excited to get all of this amazing stuff we’ve been working on for so long onto your device and into your hands!

Twitterrific 6 Released for iOSTwitterrific 6 Released for iOSTwitterrific 6 Released for iOS

What's New In This Version:
We've packed a ton of great new stuff into Twitterrific including GIPHY integration, displaying full, auto-playing media right in the timeline, new icons & themes, an improved attachment preview and so much more!

• Video and GIFs silently autoplay directly in your timelines & message threads!
- Videos with an audio track show a speaker icon to avoid any loud surprises
- Autoplaying of videos and GIFs can be disabled in Settings

• View full images right in your timeline!
- Tweets or direct messages with an image attachment will display the thumbnail at the photo's native aspect ratio
- Tweets with two or more images use adjusted aspect ratios and face-detection to avoid taking up as much space

• GIPHY Integration!
- Tap the GIF button when composing a tweet or direct message to find just the right snarky animation
- Refine your search with the built-in Reactions, Memes, or Swear Trek filters

Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS

• Support for Twitter's new quoted tweets with media:
- When quoting another tweet, you can attach photos, a video, or an animated GIF
- The timeline displays both the media you attached and your quoted tweet

• View media and add descriptions using the new attachment preview
- Tap the small thumbnail of attached media to get a better, bigger look
- Easily add accessibility descriptions to all images, videos & GIFs
- Swipe between multiple photos to quickly add descriptions to each one

• More customization goodies!
- Three new playful app icons: Crow, Dove, Neon
- Five new colorful themes: Dove, Akikiki , Puffin, Falcon, Parakeet
- 12 fun new "Olliemoji" stickers added to the bundled iMessage sticker pack
- A new font: San Francisco Compact Rounded ('SF Rounded')
- A new Presentation setting to show tweet author's full name, username or both
- A new High Contrast Text presentation option
- Two smaller line spacing steps for tighter text

Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS

• Help fund continued development of Twitterrific:
- No features are locked or restricted - try everything without paying anything
- Eliminate banner ads and subscription reminders by signing up for a monthly or yearly subscription
- Don't enjoy subscriptions? Purchase the one-time "Forever" option instead
- Twitterrific 5 customers get full benefits for up to 6 months from their last purchase date
- More:

Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS

• Refreshed glyphs, font weights and colors app-wide
• Videos without audio no longer duck audio from other apps
• New "Audio & Video" settings category for autoplay and sound effects
• Twitterrific ignores the mute switch when playing audio (what most people want)
• Added support for the Brave web browser
• VoiceOver indicates the type of media and number of photos attached to a tweet
• Headings, tab bar buttons, and toggles are marked as such for VoiceOver
• VoiceOver magic tap on the main timeline opens compose
• Added the VoiceOver escape gesture to all popups
• Added animation with compose sub-panels open/close
• Changed the default app icon - the previous icon is an option in the theme panel
​• Popup views on iPad make better use of the available screen space
• Selecting a tweet no longer unexpectedly scrolls the timeline
• Clearing the search filter no longer loses your place in the timeline
​• Long press the "Follow" button on a profile to follow with a different account
• Long-pressing a user in compose's user search no longer dismisses the view
• Clear buttons on search fields only appear when needed
​• Increased the maximum number of tweets per timeline
​• Replies to a tweet are sorted by date instead of by engagement
• All panels and popups have rounded corners
• Private lists have a new icon in the sidebar
• The Twitterrific banner ad uses your current app icon
• Improved tap area of the location badge on tweets with an attached location

• Full list here:

You can download Twitterrific from the App Store at the link below.


Twitterrific 6 Released for iOS