Apple is Experimenting With an ARM (A5) MacBook Air?

Apple is Experimenting With an ARM (A5) MacBook Air?

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Apple is reportedly experimenting with a Thunderbolt MacBook Air powered by an A5 processor, according to Macotakara.

According to this source who saw live A5 MacBook Air actually, this test machine performed better than expected.

Though it's not clear which Mac OS X or iOS is pre-installed on this A5 MacBook Air, iOS seems to have difficulty to use features of Thunderbolt without Finder. And even if Mac OS X is installed, developer should spend time to support A5 on Universal Binary Applications. As considering these situation, this A5 MacBook Air seems to be made just for experiment.

A recent report from SemiAccurate said Apple plans to switch its notebook line to ARM based processors in the future and although it won't happen soon the site claims "It is a done deal". The short story is that Apple is moving the laptop line, and presumably desktops too, to ARM based chips as soon as possible.

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Apple is Experimenting With an ARM (A5) MacBook Air?
THE SE7EN SINS - May 27, 2011 at 11:11am
So... soon Macs are going to be 100% useless. Good job Apple now people won\'t be able to install Windows or older Linux distros once again Apple nice going.