Ac1dSn0w is a New Utility to Jailbreak iOS 5 [Update]

Ac1dSn0w is a New Utility to Jailbreak iOS 5 [Update]

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MuscleNerd is recommending that this tool NOT be used as it contains copyright Apple code. [via iDB]

Unfortunately they achieve this by directly embedding Apple code in their program (15 times!). That's the kind of copyright infringement we stay away from. Hosting this app can lead to DMCA takedowns, etc. (Anyhow, redsn0w doesn't need the IPSW for each tethered boot fetches the images from Apple's servers once and then caches them.)


PwnDevTeam has released a beta of Ac1dSn0w, a new utility to jailbreak the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1, and iPod touch 4G on iOS 5.

I'm pleased to announce that we've just released Beta 1 of Ac1dSn0w for Mac OS X Lion (should also work on Snow Leopard). Ac1dSn0w allows you to jailbreak your iDevice tethered. It also provides features like Tethered Boot, Pwned DFU, and Exit Recovery to get your device out of Recovery Loop.

Supported Devices (iOS5/iOS5.0.1):
iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 4 G
iPad 1

The team has posted the following steps to using their new utility.

1. Download Ac1dSn0w from [Here] [Mirror]

2. After downloading, open it and you'll see the following screen:
Ac1dSn0w is a New Utility to Jailbreak iOS 5 [Update]

Note: You can click 'Show Console' to see some device related information. It also shows you the current state of your jailbreaking process. The Assistant Panel helps you to put your device into DFU Mode.
Ac1dSn0w is a New Utility to Jailbreak iOS 5 [Update]

3. Connect your device with your Mac.

4. Turn your device off.

5. Click 'Show Assistant' and follow the onscreen instructions to enter DFU Mode.
Ac1dSn0w is a New Utility to Jailbreak iOS 5 [Update]

6 . Once you're in DFU Mode just hit the 'Jailbreak' Button and wait until it's done (the device will reboot).

7. Put your device again into DFU Mode (Step 5) and hit the 'Tethered Boot' Button.

Done: Your device should now be jailbroken with Cydia installed.

Hit the link below to learn more about the utility.

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Shan - December 7, 2011 at 9:59pm
After successfully downloading Superlover. When i open it, it keeps crashing Can you help please
Ken - November 30, 2011 at 8:35pm
I was able to jailbreak my 3GS on 5.0.1 but now I need to update my baseband to 6.15 for the unlock to work so I can install ultrasn0w. Anyone know how to get ipad baseband 6.15 on 5.0.1? (I recently purchased the phone at Apple store which comes with 5.0.1)
6italia0 - November 30, 2011 at 8:54pm
you will fuck your device over and it will never read a simcard again if you have 6.15 on 5.0.1, you have to downgrade, jailbreak, setup cydia, install iPad baseband and then update to 5.0.1, congratulations, following those instructions has successfully fucked your device
Mario - November 30, 2011 at 5:08am
Are there any other links fileserver doesn't seem to be working either.
Wes - November 28, 2011 at 8:24pm
download link:
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