OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Apps to iPad via the Cloud

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Apps to iPad via the Cloud

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OnLive Desktop brings full Windows apps, including Microsoft Office, to the iPad via the cloud.

Available on Thursday, the OnLive Desktop app provides access to Windows 7 applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint that are remotely hosted on a powerful server in the cloud.

Based upon OnLive's instant-action cloud gaming technology, OnLive Desktop delivers a seamless Windows desktop experience, with instant-response multi-touch gestures, together with a full on-screen Windows keyboard and handwriting recognition, enabling complete and convenient viewing and editing of even the most complex documents. Rich media, such as video, animation, slide transitions and even PC games, never before practical via remote desktop delivery, run fluidly and dynamically with instant-action interactivity. OnLive Desktop makes remote feel local.

There will be three versions of the OnLive Desktop app. The free version will provide 2 GB of secure cloud storage and as-available access to a cloud-based Windows 7 desktop pre-populated with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, plus several utilities and touch games. The Pro version is coming soon and for $9.99/month you will get 50 GB of cloud storage, priority access, full-featured cloud-accelerated browsing, additional PC apps, and other OnLive-unique features. The Enterprise version gives IT departments have full control of user entitlements/access privileges to both retail and ISV applications, while enabling users to access the same applications through any device. Contact for OnLive Enterprise details and pricing.

Using instant-response touch gestures such as pinch and zoom, flick to scroll, drag, drop and Aero snap, users can quickly and easily navigate files, open, edit and save the ones they need, and store them securely in the cloud for access from any device through a simple Web interface. PC apps have full desktop functionality: Word documents can be created and edited with full redline and commenting capability, using a full Windows touch-screen keyboard, handwriting recognition or Bluetooth keyboard. PowerPoint presentations can be created with rich graphics, videos and animated slide transitions, and even presented directly from the iPad, either onscreen or via an external monitor. Data can be updated and analyzed instantly in Excel, translated into graphs and transferred into presentation documents. With OnLive Desktop, work is now possible anywhere you have an iPad and Internet connectivity, with the immediacy, functionality and responsiveness of a local PC.

The OnLive Desktop app for iPad will be followed by Android, smartphones, PC, Mac and monitor/TV support (via the OnLive MicroConsole thin client with Bluetooth keyboard/mouse).

You can sign up for a free OnLive account at the link below...

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OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Apps to iPad via the Cloud

OnLive Desktop Brings Microsoft Office Apps to iPad via the Cloud