Intelliborn Releases IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7 [Video]

Intelliborn Releases IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7 [Video]

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Intelliborn has released IntelliScreenX 7 beta for iOS 7 in the Cydia Store.

IntelliScreenX 7 integrates onto the Lock Screen and iOS 7 Notification Center, adding all of your information at a glance. ISX7 adds Swipe - a full featured windowed access to any app. From within an app or on the lockscreen.

● Email: Expand to view an entire email message. Mark the message as read, delete, or open the Mail app directly to the email. Compose emails via the compose button (long press). Also a dedicated email page so that you can view beyond Apple's 5-10 only incoming email messages.

● Facebook: View your Facebook timeline, including comments. Comment or like/unlike a post. Post a new update.

● Twitter: View your timeline and @reply, tweet a new msg, Retweet, and open link/images from within the tweet directly to safari or the Twitter app (if installed). Uses iOS 7 built-in Twitter account

● RSS: The most advanced RSS reader for the iPhone. Includes dozens of default popular RSS feeds. Integrates iOS 's Reader functionality for easy viewing

● Calendar & Events: Extends Apple's 24 hour view with a 2 week of upcoming events and reminders. (We will be adding additional options such as selecting calendars as well as # of days)

● Messages Quick Reply/Compose: Included & integrated into IntelliScreenX is Messages+, a quick reply/compose app for Messages.

Beta Notes
Intelliborn is releasing IntelliScreenX 7 with a few issues that they are still working on. Here are some of the things that still need to be addressed.
- When using Slide, can't slide on top of Slide.
- Scroll behind text for section headers needs adjusting
- No Landscape Slide support
- No Landscape M+ Support
- Weather landscape has issues
- When using passcode, sometimes the mail disappears on the lockscreen notification center page
- No iPad support (runs but not pretty)
- Remember selection of hidden on lock screen
- Weather layout needs to be tweaked based on location name size
- Mail in the ISX Notification Center page has issues when marking read/deleting/etc. Should be fixed early next week.
- Slide icon rearranging needs to- pivot around the divider
- Collapsible Sections
- Mail Replies should use HTML
- Sometimes compose button is misplaced to top
- Messages+ does not support URL launches yet
- Messages+ from balloons are square

IntelliScreenX 7 is free for IntelliScreenX 6 users. There is a $4.99 upgrade cost for previous owners of IntelliScreenX, and $7.99 for previous owners of IntelliScreen. First time buyers can purchases IntelliScreenX 7 for $9.99.

Take a look at the video below for a demo!

Intelliborn Releases IntelliScreenX 7 for iOS 7 [Video]

wtfmfer - March 3, 2014 at 6:46pm
This company and their constant upgrade costs. They already have one of the most costly cydia tweaks. As expected a huge upgrade cost to their existing users...AGAIN! Im done. Hopefully Lockinfo is working soon.
user - March 3, 2014 at 12:24pm
Is it very good what they have done....but if you can do all that from the lockscreen, why lock the phone in the 1st place
Me - March 3, 2014 at 3:08am
Why? Just unlock and use the apps. What a waste.
Olivier - March 3, 2014 at 3:27am
yo the point is to not have to unlock your screen dumbass you save time you dont need to open app browse then hit home menu then the other app save you time daaaaa and its even better if its lock you get a little bit more access to your phone whit out compromising it to much