Apple is 'Overhauling' the Backend of Maps

Apple is 'Overhauling' the Backend of Maps

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Apple is recruiting engineers for a major rewrite of the Maps application programming interface, notes AppleInsider.

Apple's roadmap involves significant changes to the backend for the Maps services hosted from the company's servers. The details were revealed in a pair of new job postings this week for senior software engineers on the Maps API team.

"The Maps API is the doorway to all systems powering the Apple Maps service for our various clients. It receives requests and actions, dispatches them to appropriate services, and composes responses for a broad range of request types with vastly different scaling profiles. Working on the Maps API, you’ll be a key cross-functional contributor to almost all new projects for Maps.

We’ve got big plans for our API - we’re looking for leaders that can design and build clean, scalable, and performance APIs, as well as design and build systems to trace, monitor, and debug requests once they enter our distributed backend systems with their complex dependancies. We’re overhauling things front-to-back and want engineers that live and breath distributed systems and services."

Apple is seeking candidates with a BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent industry experience.

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Apple is 'Overhauling' the Backend of Maps

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