Sonos Now Works on Your Existing Wi-Fi Network

Sonos Now Works on Your Existing Wi-Fi Network

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Sonos has announced a major software update that lets you to set up and run Sonos on your existing WiFi network.

Sonos is a system of HiFi wireless speakers and audio components designed for every space in your home. Previously, a Sonos Bridge was required to provide a dedicated Wi-Fi network for your Sonos speakers.

Stream HiFi sound to any room in your home without dropouts, echoes, or delays. Our new software delivers the full experience people know and love from Sonos using your existing WiFi network. Following our largest beta test to date over the last several months, we’ve studied the performance across all kinds of home environments around the world to ensure the new WiFi-enabled setup meets our high standards.

The vast majority of new customers will now be able to use the WiFi setup, which works for all speakers within range of the WiFi router. But the company says a dedicated Sonos network, which is only obtained through a wired connection to your router, remains the best way to ensure the most bulletproof experience, specifically for the following scenarios:
● Homes where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach every room in which you may want to put a speaker
● Sonos 3.1 and 5.1 home theater setups still require a wired connection; a standalone PLAYBAR does not

Sonos Boost
Notably, Sonos has also been working on an even more powerful wireless accessory as an alternative to the BRIDGE called the SONOS BOOST. Available later this year for $99, the BOOST offers enterprise-grade wireless capabilities to serve even the most challenging home WiFi environments.

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Sonos Now Works on Your Existing Wi-Fi Network