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Apple and IBM Unveil Three New Apps for Enterprise

Apple and IBM Unveil Three New Apps for Enterprise

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IBM and Apple have announced the expansion of their MobileFirst for iOS portfolio with new apps to address key priorities for the Banking and Financial Services, Airline and Retail industries.

These next IBM MobileFirst for iOS solutions are available for business customization and deployment starting today. The full portfolio of made-for-business apps from Apple and IBM hold the potential to transform the job roles and effectiveness of hundreds of millions of professionals globally.

Here's a look at the three new apps available:

Passenger Care (Travel and Transportation): Travelers need assistance on the go, yet customer service agents remain tethered to their counters, leading to long lines and unresolved passenger issues. Passenger Care empowers customer service agents to address traveler needs from anywhere -- offering passengers a smoother, more personalized experience while speeding check-in and easing airport congestion.
Apple and IBM Unveil Three New Apps for Enterprise

Dynamic Buy (Retail): Retail buyers have historically relied more on instinct and experience than factual insight when making buying decisions. With Dynamic Buy, retailers gain real-time perspective and data-driven recommendations on how products are performing and seasonal recommendations, for example, helping retailers realize better return on investments.
Apple and IBM Unveil Three New Apps for Enterprise

Advisor Alerts (Banking and Financial Services): Financial professionals typically juggle hundreds of clients, often lacking the time to properly address individual client needs. Advisor Alerts uses analytics to help financial professionals prioritize client-related tasks awhile on-the-go, empowering them to make well-informed, timely decisions. Backed by customized analytics, the app tells the advisor what’s most important via a personalized dashboard that displays recommended next steps, portfolio-impacting alerts, and provides a communications platform to quickly delegate tasks to teams back in the office.
Apple and IBM Unveil Three New Apps for Enterprise

“Apple and IBM are the only companies that could partner to develop a new category of made-for-business apps that is truly transforming how works gets done,” said Fred Balboni, IBM General Manager, IBM and Apple partnership. “We set out to transform how millions of workers consume, process and use information when they are outside the four walls of the office. Our goal is to boost the performance of every enterprise by making all its data and processes available to any employee with an iOS device – anytime, anywhere.”

Hit the link below for more details on these apps and the first ten enterprise apps delivered by IBM and Apple.

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King Gates - March 4, 2015 at 2:06am
So Daddy and Lord Scamry are apple trolls that get paid to sniff anti apple trolls around the web. I tell you what, KIng Harry is right, apple puts out products only with the intention to make people spend more money(it's called stealing), over price all its products and do not accept their mistakes and on top of everything discontinues everything withing 2 years. in the other hands Microsoft is a Human Race Company, Microsoft helps Humanity every day now. So if you are smart enough tell me what Microsoft Product is being used in Mars by NASA as I'm typing this to help Humanity or Planet earth go beyond our horizons. Microsoft its a Human Race Company. Long Live The King Bill Gates.
Lord Jobs - March 4, 2015 at 2:20am
So #kinggate along with glass shatter ancestor makes the most of their beloved microscopic minded dunces that get awarded by spreading the biggest blames they wish to claim to show their jealousy around Apple masterminds around the Internet. Hate to break it to you but Ren, Lolwut, and many others like them see the light of day in which you can't ever accept. Apple puts out products that inspired many to be like them in which we all know how the iphone led them back in 2007, so what's this so-called stealing you're attempting to prove here first off? Not to mention those who followed Apple make them the cheapest way it's programmed and can't face their failures like you, and the one thing they can't get over is that most new operating systems and apps are required to buy a new machine that is expensive when you can find far greater ones for free and keep the same machine instead of replacing it yearly just to upgrade. Bottom line, Apple was the creation of mankind and takes the success since the past 30 years. Microsoft is in vain desperate help of learning from a real master that taught them to try to do new things but has failed miserably at that (the surface hint hint). For those that don't fall for the blind that wished they were good enough, you're a smart Apple. I'm writing this to prove who made the world a better place and has the awards as taking this advantage that never stops expanding its origin. Apple is the master birth of mankind. Bow down to your leader. Hats off to Lord Steve Jobs.
Lord Jobs - March 4, 2015 at 2:21am
It takes a king to know one not to mention.
King Harry - March 3, 2015 at 1:40pm
The Title should say IBM make 3 apps for apple, cause to my knowledge apple does not, and I mean does not make software wharsoever, they only pay and steal others their intellectual intelligence to later stamp it apple, get real.
Lord Scamry - March 3, 2015 at 3:15pm
Be serious! IBM partnered with Apple thereby Apple did most of the work IBM got them involved with just like Apple made their own anything even without IBM. Trolls like you are paid to spread the biggest myths ever told. Nice try blinding us.