AgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple Watch

AgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple Watch

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AgileBits has announced the release of 1Password for Apple Watch.

You don’t need to be an intrepid inspector (or a precocious crime-solver in pigtails) to appreciate the awesomeness of having 1Password on your wrist. 1Password for Apple Watch helps you find the little pieces of secret info you need every day, quickly and easily. If you need the code to open your garage door, one of your one-time passwords, or to look up your credit card number while phoning in an order for pizza, 1Password is right there for you.

Example Use:
After a couple months of diligently attending the gym, you’ve earned a coveted private locker. Of course, remembering your locker combination is probably not a priority when you’re counting reps. But if you store that combination in 1Password, it only takes a couple of taps for you to see the combination in 1Password for Apple Watch when you’re back at your locker.

AgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple Watch

1Password for Apple Watch comes via an update to the 1Password app for iOS. The update also brings some other new features.

What's New In This Version:
◆ 1Password for Apple Watch!
◆ Message Center badge can now be disabled.
◆ 1Password now remembers whether you were viewing Favorites or Categories when you close the app.
◆ Web filling fixes and improvements

== 1Password 5.4 for iOS, the 'Go Go Gadget Watch!' Edition ==
Sometimes, it’s the little things that are really exciting. There’s not a lot of big changes in this release, but some sweet refinements to existing features (like the Message Center and 1Password’s Brain) and one lovely little addition for our Pro users: an item detail that lets you ‘Add to Apple Watch.’

◆ Go Go Gadget Watch!
Need that security code to open your garage door, stat? Calling for emergency pizza and need to provide your credit card number? Access all those details on your wrist so you can solve crimes and save your uncle just like Penny.

If you've got the Pro features, enable the Apple Watch setting in 1Password and you'll notice a handy little 'Add to Apple Watch' option in your item's details. Tap to make this item more accessible than ever before!

◆ Message Center: Stealth Mode
Message Center was one of the most talked about features in our 5.3 update. Based on your feedback, we've refined this new feature by adding a 'Mark as Read' button in the messages list, and an option to turn off the badge icon right from the Message Center screen. We hope you'll love the tips and content we plan to provide here, but this option ensures that power users aren't too distracted by the alert.

◆ Pick Up Where You Left Off
Ever feel like you’re lost when you open up 1Password? 1Password now remembers the tab you were viewing when you left the app so you return to familiar surroundings.

You can download 1Password from the App Store for free.

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AgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple WatchAgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple WatchAgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple Watch

AgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple WatchAgileBits Releases 1Password for Apple Watch

Mike000g - April 15, 2015 at 12:51pm
This would be useful if you were 90