Apple iPhone 6c to Feature Same Design as the iPhone 5c?

Apple iPhone 6c to Feature Same Design as the iPhone 5c?

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The rumored iPhone 6c will feature the same design as the plastic iPhone 5c, according to a GizmoChina report.

Well, now we have one more reason to believe that the iPhone 6C is coming. Our sources have just revealed to us that the iPhone 6C will have a same design as the iPhone 5C. The news comes directly from the factory sources, which means it could turn out to be true. What’s more, the design is supposed to be so similar that the cases for the iPhone 5C will most likely fit the upcoming iPhone 6C.

While it's possible that Apple may want to continue with its colorful plastic iPhone lineup; previous rumors have said that the case design for the new 4-inch iPhone 6c is similar to the iPhone 6 but smaller.

Rumors have the release of the iPhone 6c in late October or early November so hopefully we'll have some more information for you before then.

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Apple iPhone 6c to Feature Same Design as the iPhone 5c?

loltwat - August 28, 2015 at 8:07am
Cant they just make the build look like the 4/4S rather than another plastic junk like 5c?..... Just hope it isn't actually true.... Damn.
Nat - August 28, 2015 at 12:58pm
The 4s was too small compared to quality plastic 5c. Some say they will upgrade form their 4s if app,e makes a 4 inch phone.
Lunie - August 27, 2015 at 6:15pm
Ah..., an iphone 5S in plastic guise! Brilliant marketing. It still beats Samsung S4.
The iDevice Pro - August 27, 2015 at 5:20pm
Ahhhh....@Nat....should've known I'd see you here. Do you see? The majority shares my view. No one wants a plastic iPhone. The 5(c) was cheaply made junk! Drop it and the screen pops out. I was really starting to get excited about this 6(c), with the rumors of a 4" display and all, but back to the 5(c) design? Really Apple? Did you not learn from past mistakes? I guess we won't truly know until an official Apple statement, but my fingers are crossed on a more solid design and construction than the 32-bit piece of shit. We don't need a 64-bit piece of shit Apple!!!! Oh, and @Nat...your mom says for me to tell you "hello" from least that what I think she said...couldn't really tell as she has a mouthful of my cock... XD
Nat - August 27, 2015 at 6:57pm
Don't you realize material making a plastic phone isn't a big deal? It's not like Apple had a choice. People claimed Apple greedy. What other solution than this was the answer? Making it cheaper while still maintaining its quality that you just can't seem to understand. The 5c makes any galaxy made before it what junk is defined from those phones. I dropped it and the screen stays. Seriously, J.a.b.? Did you not know how Apple doesn't fck around with any material they can make for their phone. There wasn't any so-called piece of shit from what you expect. Fingers crossed you can awaken from your coma, not to mention your dad was convinced from my understandings and it was pciked up from him immediately, right as I drugged his coke with my seamen making his guts cleansed from the inside out! XD LAWLOLAWLOLAWLXDXDXDXDXD
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