Samsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' Smartwatches

Samsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' Smartwatches

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Samsung has officially unveiled its new round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' smartwatches featuring a rotating bezel, along with Home and Back buttons.

Introduced in two different options – the Gear S2 and the Gear S2 classic – Samsung designed the Gear S2 to appeal to two distinct consumer preferences. The Gear S2 classic is made for users who prefer a more timeless watch design, offering an elegant Black finish with a matching genuine leather band. The Gear S2 is ideal for those who are on-the-go and have an admiration for minimal and modern design.

“For the past several years, Samsung has pioneered and advanced the wearables category, bringing brave new concepts to the smart wearables market,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of Samsung’s IT & Mobile Business. “The Samsung Gear S2 reflects Samsung’s most progressive innovation. It is the perfect complement for any occasion, easily taking you from day to night, from work to workout—and ensuring that you get more out of every moment in your day, by making it smarter and ultimately more personal and fun.”

Samsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' Smartwatches

Here's how Samsung describes the new device...

A mere 11.4-millimeter thin, the Samsung Gear S2 brings a light and compact design to your wrist. It offers an incredibly vibrant viewing experience for a smartwatch, thanks to its 1.2-inch circular screen and its 360 x 360 resolution (302 ppi). The applications on the Gear S2 can be viewed with amazing clarity so that users don’t miss notification pop-ups. Also, with the latest Tizen OS and an optimized 1-GHz dual core processor, the Samsung Gear S2 can perform tasks easily and efficiently.

Users can stay connected with at-a-glance notifications to check calendars, e-mails, news and can even send important texts directly from their wrist. Users can choose the Gear S2 with 3G connectivity which incorporates the first-ever e-SIM with voice capability, to perform quick functions without being closely tethered to their phone.

New fitness functions on the Samsung Gear S2 will encourage consumers to stay healthy and active. The 24-hour activity log lets users view daily activity progress and patterns at a glance. It will also send reminder updates to motivate users to stay on track with their fitness goals.

For the ultimate convenience, the Samsung Gear S2 comes with NFC technology which will enable mobile payments without the need for a wallet. Samsung is working with a wide selection of partners across different industries to expand the usability of wearables and streamline consumers’ mobile lives in a variety of ways, including smart car keys, residential room keys, and remote controls to manage a connected home.

All of these connected features will be supported by a battery that can last up to 2-3 days, allowing consumers to stay connected without the hassle of constantly having to recharge. To charge, simply place the Samsung Gear S2 on the wireless charging dock right out of the box.

The Samsung Gear S2 reflects Samsung’s commitment to openly collaborate with developers and partners to bring increased customization and applications to its devices. Samsung is working closely with partners to offer a range of watch faces and watch bands so that users can have a variety of ways to express their personal style and mood. Users can easily change the band with one click, and change the watch face for a more personalized and sophisticated Gear experience depending on the time, place or occasion.

A variety of apps optimized for the Gear S2’s circular user interface will be available at launch. Through open collaboration with developers and partners, Samsung is continuing to enrich its wearable ecosystem and provide users with a more optimized and unique smart wearable experience.

The Samsung Gear S2 will be available in a Dark Gray case with a Dark Gray band and Silver case with a White band. The Samsung Gear S2 classic will be available in a Black case with a Leather band. Both devices will be showcased at Tempodrum, Berlin on September 3. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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Samsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' SmartwatchesSamsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' Smartwatches

Samsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' SmartwatchesSamsung Officially Unveils New Round 'Gear S2' and 'Gear S2 Classic' Smartwatches

PHUKAI - September 1, 2015 at 8:14pm
Like some people!
yas9in - September 1, 2015 at 4:28am
No mention of waterproofing. the 3 day battery is impressive, though it's interesting how an official company press release fails to say exactly how many days, rather, they say "2-3" days. I expect this watch to flop, despite the good design, people who buy samsung are already looking to buy cheap things so they won't spend extra on a smart watch. I love my apple watch but have recently gotten bored with it. I think wearables are still a few years away from actually taking off. they need to get lighter, prettier, cheaper and with longer battery lives. plugging in every night shouldn't be compulsory. I think the fact that apple has only sold 4m apple watch units proves my point.
John C - September 1, 2015 at 12:44am
I think the Black one is nice, I may start wearing a watch again, this watch. Only Loosers always have bad things to say right off the hop. Must you be a hater.
SimonSays - September 1, 2015 at 4:41am
I never said anything bad about the watch. Only the company that's making it. Everyone knows it will flop like every other product they have been putting out there. Or it will have a massive design flaw like the note 5. Lol oops!
SimonSays - September 1, 2015 at 12:08am
Lol. Samsung used the word innovation again. Lol. And they said that they have been pioneering the wearable market for years. Lol. Hahahahhsha. Every watch they have released was a flop and was replaced within mere months. I see the same fate with this watch.
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