Second Generation iPhone X Could Have Smaller Notch [Report]

Second Generation iPhone X Could Have Smaller Notch [Report]

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The second generation iPhone X could be equipped with a smaller TrueDepth 3D sensor allowing for a smaller notch, according to a new report from Barclays. Analysts Andrew Gardiner, Hiral Patel, Joseph Wolf, and Blayne Curtis also believe that Apple will add the sensor and Face ID to the upcoming iPad Pro.

Based on several data points within the 4Q17 reporting period and our supply chain meetings at CES, we remain confident that Apple is set to deploy its TrueDepth 3D sensor across the iPhone range in 2018 and to also add it to the pending iPad Pro refresh as well.

Given the complexity and multiple years spent developing the current generation of module, combined with supplier comments over the past month regarding multi-year customer commitments, we do not envisage a major change to the architectural make-up in 2018 […]

We do expect the sensor to evolve slightly, potentially reducing in size (i.e., smaller notch) and improving in specificity […] helping to further drive very strong growth [for some Apple suppliers] in 2H18 as the second generation of sensor ships in this year's new iPhones.


A report from last month claimed Apple was looking into combining its face recognition module with the front facing camera module. This would allow for a smaller notch in the smartphone's display; however, the update was predicted for 2019.

For now, check out this iPhone XI concept that features a smaller notch, slimmer bezels, flush camera, and more.

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Second Generation iPhone X Could Have Smaller Notch [Report]

joshWUa - February 15, 2018 at 4:27am
A smaller notch with LCD screens?
Raas al Ghul - February 14, 2018 at 8:25pm
This would most likely be in the 2019 update